Friday, November 08, 2019

"480 Minutes" - Traitors All The Way Down

Things have gotten so grim for Orange Nixon at the impeachment hearings that former Senator -- and current corruption enabler Lindsey Graham (R-Orange Butte) -- has been diminished to the task of smearing Gordon Sondland, the completely unqualified $60M hotelier who bought the U.S. ambassadorship to the European Union for $1M yet somehow ended up joining forces with Rudy Giuliani to extort Ukraine at the direction of the President of the United States. Said $60M hotelier was another of those "only the best people" hires by the current administration, was loyal to the president to a fault by helping to carry out the shadow foreign policy based on debunked conspiracy theories now being investigated, but somehow, according to Graham, Sondland is in cahoots with Democrats.

Apparently Donaldict Arnold's puppets like Graham believe that their constituents and MAGAts in general are stupid enough to believe that malarky, and believe the smears against the decorated U.S. Army colonel, the former U.S. envoy to Ukraine, the former U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine, a former top aide to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, and everyone else testifying at these hearings (many of whom were appointed by Trump). Rather than believe that a career grifter is lying, they smear everyone who tells the truth.

One might think that long-term public servants like Graham would understand the damage that denying reality does to the public and republic they serve. Perhaps they know. Clearly they do not care. In protecting #Individual 1, who this week was forced to pay $2M for raiding his own "charity," who cages babies, who reversed U.S. policy on a dime to the delight of Erdogan and Putin and the horror of the rest of the world and in so doing cost Kurdish lives and the land they called home, who raided funds from 127 military projects for construction of a  useless racist wall that can be breached using a $100 cordless saw and blade sold at home improvement stores and that he promised Mexico would pay for, who lies daily and without even thinking about it, today's Republican leadership including Graham, Mitch McConnell, Gym Jordan, Kevin McCarthy, plus Mike Pompeo, Mike Pence, and Bill Barr have proven that they serve their party, not their country.  These enablers are a collective disgrace: party over country, traitors all the way down.

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480 Minutes / Year 15 - Episode 39/670

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