Tuesday, January 07, 2020

Planned Fuzzy Rerun

Today we will run a Fuzzy Road rerun because, well, your host is in Dallas, temporarily, on the way to California. There is a BBQ joint right next to the departure gate and I have to say: that’s just not fair. Just coming down the giant escalator the smell was overwhelming. If anyone gets a to go box for the flight, well, there’s going to be real trouble. 

All the psych rock, garage punk, and shoegaze you've grown accustomed to on Tuesdays, only this time in time capsule form: this previously broadcast edition is from early 2015.

Friday’s 480 Minutes show will also be a rerun, in fact five different ones. I will post more specifics from my destination, assuming I haven’t been arrested for harassing someone over a brisket platter.
Enjoy the show!

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