Friday, June 24, 2016

Planned Rerun (Mental Health)

It dawned on me recently that there has been a new 480 Minutes episode every Friday in 2016 (except for the first one, 1/1/16), and with the exception of federal holidays, this will be only the second Friday in the last year+ that I will not be on the air hosting a show.

The show will be on the air, however, and just as commercial-free as always: with your host out of town we will run a few different 480 Minutes programs as reruns this weekend.  They will mostly be recent shows, so that we don't deprive the newest playlist additions their due, but there will also be one older edition of the show amongst the reruns.

480 Minutes will return with an all-new episode on Friday, July 1st, 2016.

Have a lovely weekend, everyone.  See ya!

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Fuzzy Road #108 - Steady Stream of Fuzz

We've had a steady stream of new psych and garage rock washing up on our shore in recent weeks/months/years, and this past month we've received quality releases by Levitation Room, Pretty City, and Psychic Ills, all of which will have songs in today's Fuzzy Road radio show.

The Fuzzy Road radio show connects the raw and original sounds of 60s with the psych and garage rock (and space rock, and shoegaze) of today in a live-hosted, award-winning, commercial-free format.  Join us every Tuesday beginning at 2:50pm Eastern U.S. Time.

Today's Fuzzy Road radio show will feature songs by the bands mentioned above, Tracy Bryant, The Byrds, Parquet Courts, The Sonics (pictured), Spiritualized, It's Us, Hookworms, Ipsissimus, and more.

The Sonics
The Fuzzy Road radio show is live-hosted on Tuesday afternoons, with re-broadcasts beginning at 10:50 p.m. Tuesday and 4:50 a.m. Wednesday -- Fuzzy #108.

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BAGeL Radio Airplay Charts

BAGeL Radio Air Play for the week ending  6/17/16
Top 30 Airplay
Rank - ARTIST - Recording - Label

1 - CAR SEAT HEADREST - Teens Of Denial - Matador
2 - MONKEES - Good Times! - Rhino
3 - KILLS - Ash And Ice - Domino
4 - SUMMER CANNIBALS - Full Of It - Kill Rock Stars
5 - YAK - Alas Salvation - Kobalt
6 - LEVITATION ROOM - Ethos - Self-Released
8 - RADIOHEAD - Moon Shaped Pool - XL
9 - HURRY - Guided Meditation - Lame-O
10 - KID CONGO AND THE PINK MONKEY BIRDS - La Arana Es La Vida - In The Red
11 - PITY SEX - White Hot Moon - Run For Cover
12 - COATHANGERS - Nosebleed Weekend - Suicide Squeeze
13 - OSCAR - Cut And Paste - Wichita
14 - ROGUE WAVE - Delusions of Grand Fur - Easy Sound
15 - CFM - Still Life Of Citrus And Slime - In The Red
16 - HIGHER AUTHORITIES - Neptune - Domino
17 - T-REXTASY - Jurassic Punk - Miscreant
18 - GUIDED BY VOICES - Please Be Honest - GBV Inc.
19 - NOTHING - Tired Of Tomorrow - Relapse
20 - SPOOKYLAND - Beauty Already Beautiful - PIAS
21 - GOTOBEDS - Blood//Sugar//Secs//Traffic - SUB POP
22 - ELVIS DEPRESSEDLY - Holo Pleasures/California Dreamin' - Run For Cover
23 - VISION - Inertia - Burger
24 - AMBER ARCADES - Fading Lines - Heavenly/PIAS
25 - PSYCHIC ILLS - Inner Journey Out - Sacred Bones
26 - ISAAC GRACIE - Songs From My Bedroom [EP] - Republic
27 - PALE DIAN - Narrow Birth - Manifesto
28 - DIARRHEA PLANET - Turn To Gold - Infinity Cat
29 - FEWS - Means - PIAS

Radio 200 Adds (new releases added to rotation)
Rank - ARTIST - Recording - Label

1 - DEERHOOF - The Magic! - Polyvinyl
2 - RUDY DE ANDA - Cadaver Of A Day - Lolipop
3 - 50 FOOT WAVE - Bath White - Happy Birthday To Me
4 - ISKA DHAAF - The Wanting Creature - Brick Lane
5 - CASKET GIRLS - The Night Machines - Graveface

Buy the above titles from
 or  or 
to help the artists continue to make music. If you use these links, anything you buy will also help support BAGeL Radio.

Friday, June 17, 2016

"480 Minutes" - Orlando Rant (Now! With Links!)

This week a confused, hate-filled man in Orlando, Florida murdered 49 people and injured dozens of others with a weapon designed to kill multiple humans quickly and efficiently.  Because the killer apparently called 911 pledging allegiance to ISIS, Fox News is covering the story as "Islamic terrorism! Islamic terrorism! Islamic terrorism!" His claim of fealty to ISIS is hardly more convincing than the many photos the murderer is wearing NYPD-branded clothing -- why aren't they shrieking about "law enforcement terrorism," I wonder?

We must not let their false narrative distract from the fact that good old Fox News-lovin' Christian Americans have been and continue demonizing the LGBT community inspiring bigotry, hate, and violence in the name of their deity.  The murderer was an American for whom that vicious, mindless hate lead to the slaughter of dozens of innocents.

Bible-thumpers ignore many inconvenient "abominations" listed in (their) good book which would otherwise keep them from eating shrimp cocktail (Leviticus 11:10-19), or a ham sandwich (Deuteronomy 14:8), or (heaven forbid!) leftovers (Leviticus 19:7), and then there's the one that Joel Osteen and his minions somehow missed about the love of money being an abomination (Luke 16:15) -- why is it that one frivolous "abomination" in particular seemingly supercedes all for so many?

Tune in to BAGeL Radio on Fridays from 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. Eastern U.S. Time to find out!

The live-hosted, award-winning 480 Minutes program is all about solving the unsolvable...and also highlighting our newest playlist additions.  It is rebroadcasted on Friday evenings beginning at 7 p.m., Saturdays at 5 a.m. and 3 p.m., and Sundays at 1 a.m. ET (so as to not compete with the Megachurches).

Today's show will include new tunes by 50FootWave (New England/New Orleans, @kristinhersh) Deerhoof (San Francisco, CA, @deerhoof), and Rudy de Anda (Long Beach, CA, @rudydeandamusic).

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