Friday, September 26, 2014

"480 Minutes" - new Purling Hiss, Ex Hex

So this week Fox News managed to insult women and be unwittingly racist in the same segment, so much so that one member of the panel decided to "shut that whole thing down" and "move right along, nothing to see here" the conversation.  Spectacular.

Then they get all hysterical about President Obama for awkwardly saluting members of the U.S. armed forces with a coffee cup in his hand, yet somehow I don't recall any outrage when former (thank FSM) President Bush awkwardly saluted members of the armed forces with a dog in his arm on more than one occasion.

One cable "news" channel or other today asked why it is that Attorney General Eric Holder, who announced he will be stepping down, is and has been receiving so much ire from Fox News and its viewers.  Could it be the same reason they rail against President Obama for daring to breathe?

See, Obama is different.  He is "other."  He had his photo taken outdoors!  What nerve!

Moving right along...

New music to debut today by Cy Dune (Los Angeles, CA, @CyDuneSounds), Ex Hex (Washington, DC (@ExHexBand), LVL UP (Purchase, NY, @LVLUPBAND), Purling Hiss (Philadelphia, PA, @PurlingHiss), Ritual Howls (Detroit, MI, @RitualHowls), Soft Swells (Los Angeles, CA, @SoftSwellsMusic), and The Vaselines (Glasgow, Scotland, @The_Vaselines).

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A bunch of clips from the BBC in the late 70s of some seminal punk rock bands (Sex Pistols, Siouxsie & The Banshees), some not-so-punk rock bands (Elvis Costello who steals the show, Nick Lowe), and a poet.  With a few late 70s commercials.  It's great:

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Fuzzy Road (Psych & Garage Rock Show) - Episode 32

Your host is long-term sleep-deprived at the moment, looking forward to relaxing into an aural hammock made of psychedelic rock and garage rock.  The Fuzzy Road  radio show runs live from 3 p.m. until 4:30 p.m. Eastern U.S. Time and will include music by The Cavaliers, Dum Dum Girls, Ausmuteants, My Bloody Valentine, Wooden Shjips, The Hollies, The Black Hollies, Sonny & Cher, and more.

Fuzzy Road is rebroadcast once and only once: on Tuesday nights at 11 p.m. Eastern U.S. Time.

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2 - NEW PORNOGRAPHERS - Brill Bruisers - Matador
3 - FAT WHITE FAMILY - Champagne Holocaust - Fat Possum
4 - INTERPOL - El Pintor - Matador
5 - COVES - Soft Friday - Nettwerk
6 - SPOON - They Want My Soul - Loma Vista
7 - SO COW  - The Long Con - Goner
8 - OWL JOHN - Owl John - Canvasback
9 - RAVEONETTES - Pe'ahi - Beat Dies
10 - MORRISSEY - World Peace Is None Of Your Business - Harvest
11 - ALLAH-LAS - Worship The Sun - Innovative Leisure
12 - WAND  - Ganglion Reef - God?
13 - ROYAL BLOOD - Royal Blood - Warner Brothers
14 - TIGER HIGH - Inside The Acid Coven - Volar
15 - TWIN PEAKS - Wild Onion - Grand Jury
16 - PERSIAN LEAPS - Drive Drive Delay - Land Ski
17 - PRIMITIVES - Spin-O-Rama -
18 - IMMIGRANT UNION - Anyway - The Musebox
19 - MOTEL BEDS - These Are The Days Gone By - Misra
20 - FACTS ON FILE - Bring It Back - Self-Released
21 - SPIDER BAGS - Frozen Letter - Merge
22 - BEAR IN HEAVEN - Time Is Over One Day Old - Hometapes
23 - DOPRAH - Doprah [EP] - Arch Hill
24 - DEATH FROM ABOVE 1979 - The Physical World - Warner Brothers
25 - GROWLERS - Chinese Fountain - Everloving
26 - KAREN O - Crush Songs - Cult
27 - DAVID KILGOUR AND THE HEAVY EIGHTS - End Times Undone - Merge
28 - RENTALS - Lost In Alphaville - Polyvinyl
29 - SOFT SHADOWS - Reverb Is For Lovers - Self-Released
30 - J MASCIS - Tied To A Star - SUB POP

Radio 200 Adds (new releases added to rotation)
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1 - GENERATIONALS - Alix - Polyvinyl
2 - IMMIGRANT UNION - Anyway - The Musebox
4 - KING TUFF - Black Moon Spell - SUB POP
5 - TWEEDY - Sukierae - Anti

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Friday, September 19, 2014

"480 Minutes" - Broncho, The Drums

Tonight The Replacements are playing in Forest Hills.  Last time I saw them play Ronald Reagan was still President and I was still in school.  It was a great show for the same reasons that many 'Mats shows were not-so-great back then.  I'm looking forward to seeing them again, this time with former Neighborhood Dave Minehan on lead guitar.

This week I got to see Ty Segall perform, and despite the great energy, the sold out room, and the enthusiastic crowd, it wasn't great.  It was almost like the band was playing to a tiny barroom where things like dynamics and intricate playing can be discarded because the crappy sound system and acoustics will not reward paying attention to such details.  Problem is they were playing at Webster Hall which has a pretty fantastic sound system, a sound system that for the most part went to waste.  Don't get me wrong, the album is great and it was enjoyable seeing those songs performed live and watching the crowd go nuts time and again, it just wasn't as transcendent as the Manipulator album itself.

Also, what's with all of the females stage-diving face-down?  The people who catch and hold you up almost can't help but grope you if your breasts and crotch are hanging in their faces.  Watch the pros do it -- they turn as they dive.  They land on their backs.  They surf the crowd on their backs.  Inviting the crowd to grope you is doing your fellow females no favors by helping to perpetuate the idea that unwanted sexual advances are fine and dandy.

Getting back to the music, today 480 Minutes will feature new music by Broncho (Norman, OK, @BronchoBand), The Drums (Brooklyn, NY, @TheDrumsForever), Generationals (New Orleans, LA, @generationals), Julian Casablancas+The Voids (New York, NY, @Casablancas_J), King Tuff (@KingTuffy), Teenanger (Toronto, Canada, @teenangerTO), Tweedy (Chicago, IL, @JeffTweedy), Twerps (Melbourne, Australia, @TwerpsTwerps), and Whirr (Oakland, CA, @WhirrBand).

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(yes, this is that Ministry)

Go Yankees!