Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Unplanned Fuzzy Rerun

The Fuzzy Road
 radio show will be a rerun this week due to circumstances beyond the host's control. All apologies. Please enjoy this rerun of a very early episode of the show which aired in September 2014. Fuzzy is on from 3pm-5pm, then 11pm-1am, then 5am-7am Wednesday, and 11am-1pm Sunday ET.

See ya Friday for the 480 Minutes program which is live-hosted from 9am-5pm ET.

Monday, September 21, 2020

BAGeL Radio Air Play Charts


BAGeL Radio Air Play for the week ending 9/18/20
Top 30 Albums
Rank - Artist - Record - Label

1 - I LIKE TRAINS - Kompromat - Atlantic Curve
2 - FONTAINES DC - A Hero's Death - Partisan
3 - BULLY - SUGAREGG - Sub Pop
4 - THROWING MUSES - Sun Racket - Fire
5 - VACANT LOTS, THE - Interzone - Fuzz Club
6 - OLD 97S - Twelfth - ATO
7 - PSYCHEDELIC FURS, THE - Made Of Rain - Cooking Vinyl
8 - DEHD - Flower Of Devotion - Fire Talk
9 - BETHS, THE - Jump Rope Gazers - Carpark
10 - REY PILA - Velox Veritas - Arts & Crafts
11 - MODEL ZERO - Model Zero - Slovenly
12 - CORIKY - Coriky - Dischord
13 - ARCHAEAS, THE - The Archaeas - Goner
14 - PROTOMARTYR - Ultimate Success Today - Domino
15 - GALORE - Galore - Rocks In Your Head
16 - TOY TRUCKS, THE - Rockets Bells, and Poetry - BLACK AND WYATT
17 - TOMMY AND THE COMMIES - Hurtin' 4 Certain - Slovenly
18 - FOLK DEVILS - Forever [EP] - Optic Nerve
19 - LA WITCH - Play With Fire - Suicide Squeeze
20 - TYLER KEITH - The Last Drag - Black And Wyatt
21 - MIDNIGHT SNAXXX - Music Inside - Slovenly
22 - DREAM WIFE - So When You Gonna... - Lucky Number
23 - HUM - Inlet - Polyvinyl/Earth Analog
24 - ALEX THE ASTRONAUT - The Theory Of Absolutely Nothing - Nettwerk
25 - COREY FLOOD - Hanging Garden - Fire Talk
26 - CRACK CLOUD - Pain Olympics - Meat Machine
27 - OSEES - Protean Threat - Castle Face
28 - OPOSSUMS - Opossums - Black and Wyatt
29 - WIDOWSPEAK - Plum - Captured Tracks
30 - FRANKIE AND THE WITCH FINGERS - Monsters Eating People Eating Monsters… - Greenway

Radio 200 Adds (new releases added to rotation)
Rank - Artist - Record - Label

1 - DAMAGED BUG - Bug On Yonkers - Castle Face
2 - HIGH WATER MARKS, THE - Ecstasy Rhymes - Minty Fresh
3 - MARTIN THULIN - Into The Light - Empty
4 - PERSIAN LEAPS, THE - Smiling Lessons - Land Ski

Saturday, September 19, 2020

Sunday Is Rerun Day!

9/20/20 schedule:

1 a.m. - 480 Minutes (original air date 9/18/20)

11 a.m. - Fuzzy Road (original air date 9/16/14)

1 p.m. - 480 Minutes (original air date 9/13/13)

11 p.m. - 480 Minutes (original air date 9/9/11)


9/13/13 show preview: http://bagelradio2.blogspot.com/2013/09/480-minutes-record-number-of-records.html

9/9/11 show preview: http://bagelradio2.blogspot.com/2011/09/480-minues-new-drums.html

Friday, September 18, 2020

"480 Minutes" - I Meant Up-Play. I Always Wanted to Up-Play the Virus.

This week #Cheato continued to downplay COVID-19 while spreading dangerous lies during an ABC Town Hall during which he once again firmly stated that the virus would just go away on its own even without a vaccine. He also busted out a new crazy notion: the waitstaffs of the nation know more about preventing the spread of disease than public health officials including epidemiologists. Despite recorded evidence to the contrary, now public, he also lied straight to one audience member suggesting he "up-played" the virus, and told another that there is no race issue in the U.S.

#Cult45: "We like him because he says what he means!"

Also #Cult45: "Well he didn't mean that!"

He tried to push his new unqualified sycophant's "strategy" as a way out of the pandemic mess -- he failed on multiple attempts to even pair the word "herd" with the correct other word he was searching for. He never did get the term, "herd immunity" out. Sad. In pushing this "strategy" the administration is hoping that no one understands (and the media won't point out) that taking the herd immunity route would mean an estimated 3 million American deaths, and that's using low-end estimates of 60% infected and a 1.5% death rate. 

#StableJesus also contradicted CDC chief Redfield who this week clearly stated that masks are the best tool we have at the moment to slow the spread of the virus. Redfield also clearly stated that the earliest most Americans could have have access to a vaccine would be the middle of 2021, which goes against the administration's magical thinking propaganda/campaign lie suggesting a safe and effective vaccine will be widely available before the election.

As we have heard from the Bob Woodward interview recordings, #SerialLiar knew months ago that the virus was more deadly than even a strenuous flu, that it affected young people as well as old, that it was transmitted through the air, and was so serious that he likened it to The Plague. Still, last night he held a mask-optional rally with no social distancing in a Wisconsin county currently facing record coronavirus cases. He riffed on many of the same fear-mongering lies Fox News has used to frighten and bamboozle its viewers for years, like "Frankly you would not have a Second Amendment if I had not gotten elected," and, "If Biden wins, the rioters, the anarchists, arsonists, and flag burners -- they win," because when you've got nothing to sell, you stoke fear and division.

More such rallies, featuring Air Force One as a prop, will follow.

Today's show is live-hosted from 9am-5pm Eastern U.S. Time and features new music by Damaged Bug (Los Angeles, CA), The High Water Marks (US/Norway, @TheHWMs), Martin Thulin (Mexico City via Sweden), and The Persian Leaps (St. Paul, MN, @PersianLeaps).

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480 Minutes / Year 16 - Episode 36/711