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Thursday, December 23, 2021

BAGeLs For Santa

(image from Fork & Beans, the fun food blog)

Santa is running late so our ROKU app, iOS app, and merch store won’t arrive in time for the holiday, but all are in the works. The Android app is available, and you can train your favorite digital assistant to launch BAGeL Radio — after a while “[Keyword] play BAGeL Radio” will suffice. 

With tonight being Christmas Eve, today and this weekend will be reruns, reruns, and more reruns starting on the 9s (9am, 9pm x 3). We have a few previous Year-End Top Music episodes queued up for you, including the 2021* show for those who missed it!  Same will be true next Friday, aka New Year’s Eve. Enjoy!

Happy holidays, y’all, and best wishes for a happy and healthy new year to you and yours.

Weekend Rerun Schedule:

Friday 12/24/21

9 a.m. - Best of 2019

9 p.m. - Best of 2020

Saturday 12/25/21

9 a.m. - Best of 2021*

9 p.m. - Best of 2015

Sunday 12/26/21

9 a.m. - Best of 2016

9 p.m. - Best of 2017

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