Thursday, April 12, 2007

"480 Minutes" 4/13/07 - new Veils, Frog Eyes, Low Red Land

Before getting to today's program I'd like to say I am saddened by the losss of the free-thinking humanist: Kurt Vonnegut (1922-2007), may he rest in peace and may his words continue to inspire the young and annoy the fools in power.

Next week there will be a co-host for at least part of the program -- fresh off another van tour of the US, Birdmonster bass player/regular "480 Minutes" listener and critic Justin Tenuto will stop by for a visit.

Today I'm on my own, so please keep me company...and bring friends.

In other news, we'll have new music today from The Veils, Pterodactyl, Low Red Land, Elvis Perkins, Ola Podrida, Frog Eyes, The Young Knives, plus a few Secretely Canadian acts covering songs of other Secretly Canadian acts (Nikki Sudden covering June Panic, Dave Fischoff covering Damien Jurado, Swearing At Motorists covering Havergal).

Please tune in for the weekly marathon that is "480 Minutes" today from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Pacific Time. You can and should request songs and stuff via:

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Recent Gig Photos:

I was a seamhead hermit this week.

Upcoming Bay Area Gigs of Interest

The Appleseed Cast/ The Life And Times/ The Moanin Dove @ Bottom of the Hill 4/13

*Say Hi To Your Mom/ Magic Bullets/ Peachcake @ Bottom of the Hill 4/15

*Sonic Boom/ LSD and the Search for God/ Stevenson Ranch Davidians @ Hemlock 4/18

From Monument To Masses/ And a Few to Break / Silian Rail @ Bottom of the Hill 4/20
Trans Am/ Zombi/ Black Taj @ Bottom of the Hill 4/21

Xiu Xiu/ Sunset Rubdown/ Katie Eastburn (of Young People) @ Bottom of the Hill 4/22
The Books @ Great American 4/23
Blonde Redhead @ Bimbo's 4/23 & 4/24

Adult./Erase Errata/ Partsd & Labor @ Bottom of the Hill 4/25
Kaiser Chiefs @ Warfield 4/27
Jarvis Cocker @ Fillmore 4/28
LCD Soundsystem @ Mezzanine 4/30

*Mando Diao/ Pop Levi/ The Films @ Bottom of the Hill 5/1
Tapes 'n tapes @ Great American 5/2

*Cloud Cult/ The Amateurs @ Bottom of the Hill 5/3

Minus The Bear/ Honorary Title @ Great American 5/3

Frog Eyes/ Alex Delivery/ Port O'Brien @ Bottom of the Hill 5/4

Califone/ Eric Johnson (Fruit Bats) @ Bottom of the Hill 5/5

Joseph Arthur & The Lonely Astronauts/ Stars Of Track And Field @ Bottom of the Hill 5/6

Echodrone/ A Pack Of Wolves/ The Union Trade @ Edinburgh Castle 5/19

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