Thursday, April 26, 2007

No "480 Minutes" This Week

It's a long, sad, geek tragedy of a story -- the long story short is that my computer is failing me and I don't have other options so I cannot do the remote broadcast as planned.

The plan was to move the Friday live broadcast (aka "480 Minutes") to Thursday this week so I could broadcast from poolside in Palm Springs, where I am visiting for the Coachella Valley Music And Arts Festival. I brought my TiBook with me, plus an external hard drive containing a sizeable chunk of the BAGeL Radio music library. I spent the evening synching up the contents of the hard drive with the music playing software, then started sifting through the new music that arrived this week (it was a VERY good week), then got called into the living room for this week's episode of LOST (our heroes once again asked the right questions, still not getting enough answers, though, which I find infuriating). When I returned to my task I found that the monitor had gone dark and would not wake up. Upon further inspection the computer was not in sleep mode, but the images on the monitor were very faint. I tried turning up the dimmer, and saw the dimmer 'bars' increase, but it made the screen no brighter -- nor did turning down the dimmer make the monitor any less bright.

I did a little online research and it would appear that my backlight has gone out. Strange, because about 12 seconds after a restart the screen does light up in it's usual pale gray way, but only for a tantalizing second or two, so the backlight is functional, it just doesn't want to stay on because after the tease it's back to 'so dim it's unreadable.'

I tried hooking the machine up to a TV via s-video, but the picture keeps scrolling like back in the old days of VHF and UHF when the "horizontal hold" needed adjusting, swo using the TV as an external monitor does not seem to be an option.

All of this to say I'm terribly sorry, but there will be no "480 Minutes" broadcast. I was really looking forward to doing a show from here, but it looks like the geek gods are not happy with me at the moment. My technology has failed me -- the monitor on my 5-year old TiBook is not working, I am fresh out of external monitor options here in Palm Springs, and no one else in the vacation house has a Mac.

The station will be streaming the playlist I put together, so please tune in, but sadly I will not get to share with you any of the terrific new music this week -- stuff like Get Him Eat Him, Hallelujah The Hills, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club (now adding The Kills to the list of bands whose sound they have appropriated!), Girl In A Coma, Acute, and Palomar, amongst others.

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