Friday, November 23, 2007

"480 Minutes" -11/23/07 - A Rerun

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.

In solidarity with our striking brethren, the Hollywood writers,, this week "480 Minutes" will be a 'Rerun' of a previously recorded show. The film and television industries are going through massive changes due to new technologies including digital distribution over the internet. The big studios are barely sharing these new revenue streams with the folks who create the basis of what they sell, the writers, hence the writer's strike that began last week.

Stand with the writers, help them get the pennies per download the studios are denying them. Thanks.

OK, while we really do agree with the writers and hope that you help them in their just fight, that's not really why today's show is a rerun. The real reason is that it's the day after Thanksgiving, and historically "Black Friday" is a very slow day for listenership. Over 75% of BAGeL Radio listeners are right here in the U.S., and about 80% of those U.S. listeners tune in from work. Since almost none of those folks are at work today, it makes sense for "480 Minutes" to take this Friday off. Perhaps that will change if someday I get a barrage of angry mail from overseas, or from the unfortunate souls forced to work in offices on Black Friday, but until then...reruns.

Hopefully this particular rerun will whet your whistle for the 12/21/07 edition of "480 Minutes" which will feature the BAGeL Radio picks for the top songs, albums, local songs, local albums, and whathaveyou for 2007. (That's a hint about today's show).

Please tune in from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Pacific Time, but no IMs or e-mails today...well, at least not ones that require answers before next Friday. Thanks, and have a lovely weekend.

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Upcoming Bay Area Gigs of Interest:

Band of Horses/ Tyler Ramsey @ The Fillmore 11/23

Catholic Comb/ Maxeen @ Bottom of the Hill 11/25

Iron & Wine @ The Paramount (Oakland) 11/30

Cold Hot Crash/ Elephone/ Built For The Sea/ The Hundred Days @ Bottom of the Hill 11/30

The Lemonheads @ Slim's 11/30

Voxtrot/ Division Day @ Bimbo's 11/30

VHS or Beta/ Moving Units @ Harlow's Night Club 11/30

The Heavenly States/ The Morning Benders/ The Dilettantes @ Rickshaw Stop 12/1Soulsavers featuring Mark Lanegan/ Great Northern @ The Independent 12/1
VHS or Beta @ Slim's 12/1
Suicidal Tendencies @ Slim's 12/2
Detroit Cobras @ Slim's 12/3

#**Indie Rock Dance Night "The Rumble" @ Harlot 12/5 featuring resident DJ Ted from BAGeL Radio
The Thermals/ The Big Sleep @ Slim's 12/5
Vampire Weekend/ Grand Ole Party/ Still Flyin' @ The Independent 12/5
Film School/ A Place To Bury Strangers/ Here Here @ Mezzanine 12/5
Jonathan Richman @ Great American Music Hall 12/6
Rykarda Parasol/ Bella Vista/ Off Campus @ Bottom of the Hill 12/6
The Cult/ Vietnam/ The Clicks @ The Warfield 12/7
Andrew Bird @ The Warfield 12/8
Shonen Knife @ Slim's 12/11
BAGeL Radio Presents...

#**Ex-Boyfriends (CD release)/ Audio Out Send (CD release)/ 20 Minute Loop @ Bottom of the Hill 12/13 buy tickets

Office @ 330 Ritch 12/13

The Coup @ The Independent 12/15

Queens of the Stone Age/ Jaguar Love @ The Warfield 12/20

Blackalicious @ The Fillmore 12/22

Division Day @ 330 Ritch 12/27

X @Slim's 12/28 & 12/29

Psychedelic Furs @ Mezzanine 12/29

#**Indie Rock Dance Night "The Rumble" @ Harlot 1/2/08 featuring resident DJ Ted from BAGeL Radio

Howard Jones @ Great American Music Hall 1/24/08

Au Revoir Simone @ The Independent 1/26

Black Lips @ Great American Music Hall 2/8/07

Siouxsie Sioux @ The Fillmore 2/12 & 2/13

Magnetic Fields @ The Herbst Theatre 2/28 & 2/29

Ministry @ The Fillmore 4/1 & 4/2

* = I'm there
** = I'm DJing

# = win tickets during "480 Minutes"

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