Friday, May 23, 2008

"480 Minutes" - new Gnarls, Futureheads, Spiritualized

It's time for the weekly marathon radio program in which you find the albums you are going to buy and listen to all week next week. It happens all the time. You'll see. Next week (Friday, May 30th) will be even worse because besides new songs the show will also contain a countdown of the top songs and albums of 2008 so far, which, of course, you will have to own. Get ready to hock those Kenny G. CDs, you're going to need some quick cash.

New music featured today during "480 Minutes" will include The Bentleys (San Fernando, CA),
Gnarls Barkley (Atlanta, GA), Booka Shade (Frankfurt, Germany), Canopy (Austin, TX), The National (Brooklyn, NY), The Watson Twins (Los Angeles, CA), Blackstrap (Stockholm, Sweden), The Explorer's Club (Charleston, SC), The Futureheads (Sunderland, UK), Here Here (San Francisco, CA), Little Pieces (Seattle, WA), Midnight Juggernauts (Melbourne, Australia), Peter Von Poehl (Sweden), and Spiritualized (Rugby, UK).

Please tune in to "480 Minutes" today and every Friday. The show runs live from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Pacific Time, then is rebroadcast starting at 7 p.m., then twice more on Saturday. On Saturday night at midnight we return to regular BAGeL Radio programming.

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Recent Gig Photos:
BAGeL Radio Presents...
Magic Bullets/ Lemon Sun/ Rosewood Thieves
@ Bottom of the Hill 5/8/08

Magic Bullets

Lemon Sun

The Rosewood Thieves

The Heavenly States/ Throw Me The Statue/ Siberian
@ Bottom of the Hill 4/26/08

The Heavenly States

Throw Me The Statue


The Coup/ Kev Choice
@ Shattuck Down Low 4/26/08

The Coup

RADWood City Acoustic BBQ 4/20/08

Birdmonster/ The Heavenly States/Mist And Mast/Love Is Chemicals

Bay Area Gig eList:

*Vitamin Party @ House Of Shields 5/23

The New Centuries/ The Dont's/ Man-Miracle @ The Hemlock Tavern 5/24

Dead Meadow @ Slim's 5/24

Beirut @ The Grand Regency Center 5/27

Ladytron/ Datarock/ The Delta Fiasco @ The Fillmore 5/27

The Cure/ 65DaysofStatic @ HP Pavillion 5/28

*Asteroid #4/ Quarter After/ The Otherside @ The Rickshaw Stop 5/28

Jamie Lidell @ Bimbo's 5/28

Swervedriver/ Film School/ Mezzanine Owls @ The Fillmore 5/29

Sybris/ Ex-Boyfriends/ Unwed Sailor @ The Rickshaw Stop 5/29

The Fiery Furnaces @ The Great American Music Hall 5/29

Ladyhawk/ Neva Dinova/ The Parish @ Bottom of the Hill 5/30

BAGeL Radio Presents... buy tickets here!

#** The Heavenly States/ Sistas In the Pit/ The Dimes @ Bottom of the Hill 5/31

20 Minute Loop/ Tartufi/ Yes Oh Yes @ The Hemlock Tavern 5/31

R.E.M./ Modest Mouse/ The National @ The Greek Theatre 5/31 & 6/1

Peter Murphy @ The Grand Regency 6/2

The Long Blondes @ The Great American Music Hall 6/2

**The (June) Rumble @ Harlot 6/4

The Wombats @ Popscene 6/5

Joan Of Arc/ 31 Knots/ Maus Haus @ The Rickshaw Stop 6/5

Vauxhaul Broadcast/ Lemon Sun @ The Hemlock Tavern 6/5

*The Warlocks/ The Black Angels @ 12 Galaxies 6/6

*Los Campesinos/ Parenthetical Girls @ Bimbo's 6/6

Love Is Chemicals/ HIJK @ The Red Devil Lounge 6/16

* = I'm there
** = I'm DJing

# = win tickets during "480 Minutes"

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