Friday, October 17, 2008

"480 Minutes" featuring new music. Seriously.

Thanks to everyone who came out to the BarackNRoll event, to Big Light, These United States, and the great John Doe for entertaining everyone who came out, the Independent for bending over backwards to help, and to the event organizers who made it all happen. Bravo on a huge success -- the event raised over $10,000 that will be used to help peel back the "he's a terrorist" blinders from the eyes of FOX News viewers in swing states.

Check out Peter Elenby's event photos at

Quick heads up -- next Friday "480 Minutes" will be a re-run while I am in New York at the CMJ New Music Marathon.

Please participate in our Radiohead favorite album poll.

New music today from 20 Minute Loop (San Francisco, CA), Baby Guts (Minneapolis, MN), The Major Labels (LA/Boston), James (Manchester, England England), Frances (Brooklyn, NY), Cause Co-Motion (Brooklyn, NY), Pelle Carlberg (Stockhold, Sweden), Solid Gold (Minneapolis, MN), Parts And Labor (Brooklyn, NY), Like A Fox (New Jersey/Philadelphia), Josh Martinez (Portland, OR), Francois Virot (Rhône-Alpes, France), and a San Francisco band that does not yet have a name, so I am calling them The Great Crash Oh Eight.

Please tune in to "480 Minutes" today and every Friday. The show runs live from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Pacific Time, is rebroadcast starting at 8 p.m., then twice more on Saturday. On Saturday night at midnight we return to regular BAGeL Radio programming.

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Recent Gig Photos:

Ted, John Doe, and Misty @ BarackNRoll 10/15/08

Bay Area Gig eList
(upcoming shows of interest)

Kings of Leon/ We Are Scientists/ The Stills @ The Warfield 10/17 & 18
Ladyhawke/ Bumblebeez @ Popscene 10/17
Say Hi/ Jukebox The Ghost/ The Ian Fays/ Princeton @ Bottom of the Hill 10/18
Pinback @ Bimbo's 10/19
Stereolab/ Richard Swift @ The Fillmore 10/21
The Acorn/ Shaky Hands @ The Hemlock 10/21
Stereolab/ Monade @ The Fillmore 10/22
We Is Shore Dedicated @ Uptown Nightclub (Oakland) 10/22
Mountain Goats/ Kaki King @ The Independent 10/23
Evangelicals/ Catfish Haven/ The Old Fashioned Way @ The Hemlock 10/23
Mountain Goats/ Kaki King @ The Fillmore 10/24
Ex-Boyfriends/ Mount Vicious/ The Re-Volts @ Thee Parkside 10/25
The Notwist/ Jel/ Odd Nosdam @ Bimbo's 10/27
*Fujiya & Miyagi/ Prototypes @ The Independent 10/28
Jenny Lewis/ Beachwood Sparks @ The Herbst Theatre 10/28
The Damned @ Slim's 10/28
No Use For A Name/ Company Car/ Mud @ Bottom of the Hill 10/31
Parts & Labor @ The Hemlock 10/31
Scissors For Lefty/ White Lies/ Japanese Motors @ The Rickshaw 11/1
The Lovemakers/ The Heavenly States/ Minipop @ The Uptown (Oakland) 11/1
*Spinto Band/ Frightened Rabbit/ Chop @ Bottom of the Hill 11/1 & 2
Secret Machines/ The Dears @ The Independent 11/3

The Rumble @ Harlot 11/5 (indie rock dance night with resident DJ BAGeL Ted)

Mother Mother/ The Henry Clay People @ Hotel Utah 11/5
Jeans Team/ French Disco/ Battlehooch @ Bottom of the Hill 11/6
We Is Shore Dedicated/ El Ten Eleven @ The Make-Out Room 11/7
Rogue Wave @ The Independent 11/7
Loquat/ Mist And Mast @ Bottom of the Hill 11/8
Heartless Bastards/ The Broken West @ The Independent 11/8
TV On The Radio/ Dirtbombs @ The Warfield 11/9
Dungen @ Bottom of the Hill 11/10
Crooked Fingers/ Port O'Brien @ The Great American 11/11
Vic Chestnut/ Elf Power @ Bottom of the Hill 11/11
Bishop Allen/ An Horse/ Electric Owls @ The Independent 11/12
Darker My Love @ The Independent 11/13

John Doe/ Kathleen Edwards @ The Great American 11/14 tickets

The Breeders @ Slim's 11/14 & 11/15
Impossible Shapes/ Devon Williams @ The Hemlock 11/15
Rachael Yamagata/ Meiko/ Thao Nguyen @ The Great American 11/17

* = I'm there
** = I'm DJing
# = win tickets during "480 Minutes"

more upcoming shows (seriously updated!) at

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