Tuesday, November 25, 2008

BAGeL Radio Tuesdays With Cory

Happy (almost) Thanksgiving, everyone.

Please tune in today for Absolutely Kosher Cory's show at 10am Pacific Time, it promises to be a fun one, and it's the only new hosted program this week because of the holiday. Of course BAGeL Radio will be broadcasting 24/7 as always, there just won't be a live edition of "480 Minutes" this Friday due to "Black Friday" historically being a very slow day for listenership.

Hopefully this particular rerun will whet your whistle for the 12/19/08 edition of "480 Minutes" which will feature the BAGeL Radio picks for the top songs, albums, local songs, local albums, and shows of 2008. (Nudge, nudge, wink, wink -- that's a hint about the content of this Friday's rerun).

Don't forget to tune in today and every Tuesday at 10a.m. Pacific Time for BAGeL Radio Tuesdays with Cory, and if that time is inconvenient for you the program is rebroadcast on Tuesday evenings at 10p.m. Pacific Time.

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