Friday, April 17, 2009

"480 Minutes" - Taxes Pay For Roads and Power Lines and Education...

Did you see the signs those wonderful "Real Americans" were flying at their poorly attended, disorganized, misguided "Tea Parties" this week? The last president increased spending more than any other president in history, and all the while the results of the conservative core economic ideologies of deregulation, trickle down economics, and "greed is good" finally severely damaged the global economy. The new president, barely 100 days in office, has lowered taxed on the vast majority of the folks who showed up to these protesting government spending. Where have these people been for the last 8 years? It just doesn't make any sense.

What are you going to do? Hate-filled people who fear the unknown and keep themselves willfully ignorant of reality (including social progress) need a demon. FOX News is happy to play on fear and whip people into a frenzy over nothing. Then FOX 'reported on' the events they helped create claiming the events were spawned by a grassroots movement, not by a corporate lobbyist funded organization run by former Republican House Majority Leader Dick Armey of Texas.

The good news is that even after two weeks of non-stop promotion on FOX News, the non-event drew embarrassingly low crowds compared with the promoters' own projections. Perhaps ultimately George W. Bush did us all a favor by exposing those core conservative principles to be nothing more than propaganda that sounds good to the have-nots, but in reality works strictly for the haves.

Anyway...enough politics. Let's talk about music.

Today's show features new music from Silversun Pickups (Los Angeles, CA), Alma Matter (Bakersfield, CA), Fever Ray (Stockholm, Sweden), Floating Action (Black Mountain, NC), Harlem Shakes (Brooklyn, NY), Immaculate Machine (Victoria BC, Canada), Odawas (Berkeley, CA), The Peekers (Shreveport, LA), Peter Bjorn & John (Stockholm, Sweden), and Pomegranates (Cincinnati, OH).

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