Friday, February 19, 2010

"480 Minutes" - 40+ New Songs

This week we had a glut of new releases submitted. Tons. We made it through almost all of it, and can't believe how much good stuff ended up in the pan. Gold, my friends! We've struck gold this week! Today's show (9 a.m. - 5 p.m. Pacific Time) will feature a record 43 new songs getting their BAGeL Radio debuts. That's five brand spanking new songs per hour. Are you hearing this, commercial radio? Take that!

Also, listeners will once again be able to contact the DJ via instant messenger this week. Requests, comments, whathaveyou...get in touch!

Today 480 Minutes will debut new songs by from Seth Augustus (San Francisco, CA), Cold War Kids (Long Beach, CA) (both were skipped last week), The Thermals (Portland, OR), Past Lives (Seattle, WA), Dragon Turtle (Brooklyn, NY), Donora (Pittsburgh, PA), Downtown Harvest (Philadelphia, PA), Clipd Beaks (Oakland, CA), Butterfly Bones (San Francisco, CA), fakeyourowndeath (San Francisco, CA), AM (Los Angeles, CA), Carolina Chocolate Drops (Durham, NC), Shearwater (Austin, TX), Watch Out For Rockets (Austin, TX), Mr. Gnome (Cleveland, OH), Massive Attack (Bristol, England), Crime In Stereo (Levittown, NY), Lightspeed Champion (New York, NY), Adam Green (New York, NY), Yeasayer (Brooklyn, NY), Dawn Landes (Brooklyn, NY), Dark Time Sunshine (Seattle, WA and Chicago, IL), Jack Splash (Miami, FL), LoneLady (Manchester, England), and Hot Chip (London, England).

Please tune in today and every Friday to 480 Minutes between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. Pacific Time. If that time doesn't work for you, the show is rebroadcast on Friday nights and then twice on Saturday, so you can get your fix then.

Bay Area Gig eList (upcoming shows of interest):

*Birdmonster/ Boy In The Bubble/ Here Come The Saviors @ Bottom of the Hill 2/19
Sloan/ HIJK @ Slim's 2/19
The Art of Noise @ Project One 2/19 The Junior Panthers/ Addison/ The High-Nobles @ Cafe du Nord 2/19
An Evening with Richard Thompson @ Great American 2/23, 24, 25
Noise Pop 2010
Foreign Born/ Free Energy @ Rickshaw Stop 2/24
Rogue Wave @ Bottom of the Hill 2/24
Scout Niblett @ Cafe du Nord 2/25
John Vanderslice @ Swedish American Hall 2/26
Butterfly Bones/ Wallpaper/ The Limousines @ Slim's 2/26

* = I'm there
** = I'm DJing

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