Friday, May 07, 2010

"480 Minutes" - New Fall (MES Lives!)

Thanks to everyone for a great Rumble this week. The Ferocious Few were terrific following their long drive back from Portland. Clean-shaven Francisco of TFF sported his best Benjamin Braddock look, and The Sermon, who I hadn't seen for years, were spot-on. And so many lovely people I know stopped by, and several I had never met stopped by the DJ booth to say hi. 'Twas a great night all around.

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Sometimes it's hard to choose the single most ridiculous Sarah Palin-related news of the week. This week it's easy: the former Alaska Governor and current Queen of the Tea Party tweeted: "Gulf: learn from Alaska's lesson w/foreign oil co's: don't naively trust- VERIFY." While I'm not sure exactly sure what she means, I am sure of a couple of things Ms. Up On The Issues should probably be made aware of including (1) British Petroleum is no more a "foreign oil company" than that other transnational megacorporation, ExxonMobile, and (2) her husband, Todd Palin, worked for that not-to-be-trusted foreign oil company, BP! For 18 years! Oh, Sarah. Spill, baby! Spill!

Moving along to the tunes, today's show will include a ton of new stuff including new music by Ash Reiter (San Francisco, CA), Audra Mae (Los Angeles, CA), Carnivores (Atlanta, GA), Caw! Caw! (Chicago, IL), Cloud Cult (Minneapolis, MN), CocoRosie (Paris, France), The Dead Weather (Nashville, TN), Delorean (Barcelona, Spain), The Fall (Manchester, England England), Jeremy Messersmith (Minneapolis, MN), The Joy Formidable (North Wales, England), Lali Puna (Weilheim, Germany), The Lambs (San Francisco, CA), The Lodger (Leeds, England), Male Bonding (South London, England), Medications (Washington, D.C.), The New Pornographers (Vancouver, Canada), and The Whitsundays (Edmonton, Canada).

Please tune in today and every Friday to 480 Minutes between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. Pacific Time.

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Bay Area Gig eList (upcoming shows of interest):

Los Campesinos!/ Signals @ The Regency Grand 5/7
Red Sparrowes/ Fang Island @ Great American 5/7
Here Come The Saviours/ Victory & Associates/ Control-R @ The Hemlock 5/7
The Dodos @ Victoria Theatre 5/8
*Chapterhouse/ Ulrich Schnauss/ Love Like Fire/ DJ Aaron Axelsen @ Mezzanine 5/8
Kate Nash/ Supercute @ Bottom of the Hill 5/8
Mono/ The Twighlight Sad @ Slim's 5/8
The Adolescents/ Ataris/ Face To Face/ Circle Jerks @ Fort Mason Center Fucked Up @ Rickshaw Stop 5/9
The Tallest Man On Earth @ The Independent 5/9
Besnard Lakes @ The Independent 5/9
Man/Miracle/ Yellow Dress/ Quite Polite @ Rickshaw Stop 5/12
Jonathan Richman/ Tommy Larkins @ Mystic Theatre (Petaluma) 5/12
Turin Brakes @ Popscene 5/13
Starfucker/ Butterfly Bones/ Silver Swans/ Fake Drugs @ The Rickshaw Stop 5/14
Xeno and Oaklander/ Epee Du Bois/ The Soft Moon @ The Milk Bar 5/15
*Shout Out Louds/ Freelance Whales @ Great American 5/18
Francis @& The Lights @ Great American 5/19
*Frightened Rabbit @ The Fillmore 5/19

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