Friday, August 06, 2010

"480 Minutes" - Progressing Past H8te

Hey, it's Friday and this week Prop H8te was determined to be unconstitutional on two counts. Happy day!

Funny thing about the conservatives arguing in favor of Proposition 8 (which bars gay couples from legally marrying here in California) -- their arguments sound a lot like the conservatives who argued against interracial marriage until it was finally legalized in the US in 1967. Can you imagine something that insanely hateful and discriminatory was legal in this country as recently as The Summer Of Love? Now think about how insane and discriminatory barring gays from marrying will seem in ten years time.

Many thanks to Craig, Dan, Donna, Willo, Ali, Rachel, Trammel, Kennedy, Sean, Dave, Jessica, Terry, Sierra, Peter, Kimo, and everyone else who turned out for the August Rumble this week. All 3 bands were really good, and the show put on by The Terror Pigeon Dance Revolt stood out as one of the most memorable in Rumble history.

Now for the 480 Minutes will feature new music from Best Coast (Los Angeles, CA), The Black Angels (Austin, TX), Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. (Detroit, MI), Darker My Love (Los Angeles, CA), Here We Go Magic (Brooklyn, NY), Jenny And Johnny (Los Angeles, CA), Mother/Father (Nashville, TN), Of Montreal (Atlanta, GA), Philip Selway (Radiohead), PVT (Sydney, Australia), Reporter (Portland, OR), Return To Mono (San Francisco, CA), Sonny & The Sunsets (San Francisco, CA), Sonny Pete (San Francisco, CA), and Ten Kens (Toronto, Canada).

Please tune in today and every Friday to 480 Minutes between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. Pacific Time.

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# Rocksploitation with Citizen Midnight (midnight movies with live music)
American Pop @ The Bridge Theatre 8/7 @ midnight

Pancho-san/ Dinosaur Feathers/ Lonnie Walker @ Bottom of the Hill 8/11
Or, The Whale/ These United States @ Bottom of the Hill 8/12
Cotton Jones/ The Parson Red Heads/ Roadside Graves @ Bottom of the Hill 8/13
* Sonny Pete/ Ricky Lee Robinson/ Night Genes @ Hotel Utah 8/17
The Blank Tapes/ Ash Reiter/ Pat Hull @ Bottom of the Hill 8/17
Woven Bones/ The Sandwitches/ The Splinters @ Bottom of the Hill 8/18
Weezer Tribute Show: Pinkerton/ The Hot Toddies/ As A People @ Bottom of the Hill 8/20
Slang Chickens/ Man/Miracle/ Yellow Dress @ The Hemlock Tavern 8/21
Girl In A Coma/ Gringo Star/ Agent Robins @ Bottom of the Hill 8/23
* Eastern Conference Champions/ Voxhaul Broadcast @ The Hemlock Tavern 8/24
Scene of Action/ The Paper Sons/ Pebble Theory @ Bottom of the Hill 8/24

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