Friday, December 17, 2010

"480 Minutes" - The Best Music of 2010

Good morning, dear listeners, and welcome our 7th annual The Best Music of The Year edition of 480 Minutes.

At 10 a.m. Pacific Time we will start a countdown with the #50 song of 2010 and we will likely reach #1 at about 1:30 p.m. PT. Following that we will hear songs #51 to 150, artfully arranged (that is, not in ranked order). Also included in that post-Top 50 set will be verbal countdowns of the top 30 albums of 2010, plus the top San Francisco Bay Area releases of the year.

Both math and science were heavily involved in divining the rankings, requiring the study of all of our 2010 playlists to determine spin counts, chart rankings, etc. The parts not covered by science were done with willful subjectivity, which was so much harder than the scientific portion of the process, I cannot even tell you.

Tune in today to hear the sounds of 2010 (and as always, 480 Minutes will be rebroadcast this evening beginning at 6:30 Pacific Time, and then again all day tomorrow, 12/18). As we enter into a new decade of the still nascent millennium, it is interesting to note that more music is being distributed more widely than at any time in history. Some in the music "industry" will tell you that said industry is dying. Do not believe them. Maybe their business model is dying, but pop music creation is flourishing in new and exciting ways. It's a great time to be a fan of music from the most popular to the tiniest bristles at the end of any of a thousand long tails.

Help keep musical artists in business: go buy some of these amazing records over the weekend. Or, seeing as we are in the digital age, buy them in real time as you hear them. Please use the BAGeL Radio iTunes and Amazon links so that we get a kickback that helps pay for some of our expenses. Buying music will not only make you cooler to others, you will also know you are a better person for having supported mainly independent artists and independent labels, helping them continue to create and make available the music that serves as the soundtrack to our lives. (It will also make your friends cooler if you decide to buy some of this music for them -- music makes an excellent holiday gift -- hint, hint).

The lists will be posted here at the BAGeL Radio blog at some point this weekend, or perhaps not until Monday, depending on just how epic this weekend's holiday parties turn out.

On with the show...


Bay Area Gig eList (upcoming area shows of interest):

*Killing Joke @ Regency Grand 12/17
Agent Ribbons @ The Cresecent 12/17
White Buffalo/ Foolproof Four @ Hotel Utah 12/18
Billy Idol @ The Fillmore 12/20 & 12/21
*X (Xmas with X)/ Ray Manzarek @ Slim's 12/28 & 12/29 buy tickets
Dresden Dolls/ Pomplamoose @ The Warfield 12/31
Nerf Herder/ The Hooks/ Sassy!!! @ Bottom of the Hill 12/31

Happy 2011!!! Out with the old, in with the new!!!

Pinback @ Bottom of the Hill 1/1/11
Patton Oswalt @ Herbst Theatre 1/4/11
Deerhoof/ Nervous Cop/ Ben Butler & Mousepad @ Great American 1/28/11
Interpol/ School of Seven Bells @ The Warfield 1/31/11

(more upcoming shows at

* = We're there
** = We're DJing
# = win tickets during "480 Minutes"

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