Friday, May 27, 2011

"480 Minutes" - New. Cars. Srsly.

Hello and welcome to 480 Minutes, the award-winning BAGeL Radio Friday live program.  It's a marathon radio show highlighting all of the new songs we'll be adding into our regular rotation next week, and you get to preview it today.  If you can't tune in during the live show hours (Fridays, 9a.m. - 5p.m. Pacific Time), the show is re-broadcast on Friday nights starting at 7p.m. Pacific Time, then twice more on Saturdays, before we switch back to regular BAGeL Radio programming.

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Today's new playlist additions include music from Boris (Tokyo, Japan), Endless Wave (Boston, MA), The Head (Atlanta, GA), We Are Augustines (Brooklyn, NY), Jim McTurnan and The Kids That Killed The Man (Denver, CO), What Model Citizens (San Francisco, CA), Spiro Agnew (San Francisco, CA), The Coathangers (Atlanta, GA), The Black Lips (Atlanta, GA), Kidcity (Toronto, Canada), Scumbag Philosopher (Norfolk, England), The Clutters (Nashville, TN), One Trick Pony (Los Angeles, CA), Portugal. The Man (Portland, OR via Wasilla, AK), Seapony (Seattle, WA), and yes, The Cars (New York, NY).

So...The Cars put out an all-time great pop/rock album, their self-titled debut, back in 1978.  Then they put out a couple more strong albums.  Then they released a couple of albums with a handful of good songs on them.  Then they turned embarrassingly saccharine and, mercifully, disbanded in the late 1980s.

Fast-forward (how's that for an anachronism?! I wonder how many readers/listeners don't even know what FF means!) to the 1990s and bands like Weezer, The Rentals, and Garbage start borrowing from the Cars.  Fast-forward again to the 2000s and bands like The Strokes, The Killers, Diamond Nights, Free Energy, and many others start borrowing from them.

I imagine Ric Ocasek sitting at home listening to the radio and thinking, "Hey, that sounds like my band...and my band did it better!" So, in my vision, Ric picks up the phone, calls up the surviving members of the band and says, "It's time to make one more record," and voila!  We have Move Like This, an album not as great as the debut album or Candy-O, but certainly on a par with those aforementioned couple of albums with a handful of good songs on them.  A welcome return by the most successful American New Wave band of that era.

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Lyric Of The Week: "We have pills for the rich/ We have church for the poor." -Endless Wave, "Pills"

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