Friday, July 22, 2011

"480 MInutes" - Happy Birthday Franka Potente

Back in my college days, just before leaving my dorm room to take an exam for which I was not prepared, I always busted out Led Zeppelin II and blasted the song, "What Is And What Should Never Be."  Quickly the other folks on my floor caught on to the meaning.  While I was away underachieving, they'd go out and buy beer (or whatever they could get from the over-21 who went into the packie for them) so that there would be a consolation party when I returned.   Said party always began with blasting "Nobody's Fault But Mine" from Presence.

Yesterday I went to a meeting I felt underprepared for, so on the bus on the way there I busted ye olde iPhone and blasted "What Is And What Should Never Be" through my earbuds.  The good news is there was no need for the Presence song after I got home (not that I expected the folks on my present-day floor to go out and buy beer or Blackberry Brandy or whathaveyou).

I'm not sure why today was the day to finally tell you that story, but there you have it.  Perhaps it was because I was up so late putting this show/missive together after tossing and turning most of the night before.  I guess we'll never know.  Giddiness can lead to silly storytelling.  Protect the children!

One thing we do know is that today we have an all-new 480 Minutes live hosted radio program (Friday, 9a.m. - 5p.m. Pacific Time) for you, as always hosted live, in-person, in real-time from the Mission District of San Francisco, California.  Please tune in (it's free!) 24/7/365 by clicking that shiny new giant silver Play button on the right.  Or click here.  

During the live show hours (Fridays, 9a.m. - 5p.m. Pacific Time) please get in touch:
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Today's new playlist additions include music from Boston Spaceships (Dayton, OH), Cat's Eyes (London, England), Chelsea Wolfe (Los Angeles, CA), Fruit Bats (Chicago, IL), Get Set Go (Highland Park, CA), Mathieu Santos (Syracuse, NY), Nucular Aminals (Portland, OR), Portugal. The Man (Portland, OR), Release The Sunbird (Oakland, CA), Theophilus London (Brooklyn, NY), They Might Be Giants (Brooklyn, NY), Ursula 1000 (New York, NY), and Wiley (London, England).

BAGeL Radio Gig Photos (

Bay Area Gig eList (upcoming shows of interest -

*Love Is Chemicals/ Mist And Mast/ Gosta Berling @ Hemlock Tavern 7/22
The Velvet Teen @ Great American Music Hall 7/22
The Old Fashioned Way/ Altars/ Upstairs Downstairs/ Honey For TH @ Cafe du Nord 7/22
Superhumanoids/ Half-handed Cloud @ Bottom of the Hill 7/22
* Mister Loveless/ Books On Tape/ Stripmall Architecture @ Bottom of the Hill 7/23
The West Of/ Sons Of Doug/ It's For Free Grace/ Jennifer Quiroz @ Hotel Utah 7/23
Cold Cave @ Great American Music Hall 7/25
Bear Hands @ Hotel Utah 7/27
The Oh Sees/ The Royal Baths/ Mike Donovan @ The Uptown (Oakland) 7/28
Maps & Atlases @ Slim's 7/29
Woods/ The Fresh & Onlys/ The Mantles @ The Independent 7/29
Creedence Clearwater Revival/ Three Dog Night @ Mountain Winery (Saratoga) 7/30
The Muffs @ The Uptown (Oakland) 7/30
*Those Darlins @ Bottom of the Hill 7/30
CJ Ramone (of The Ramones!) @ The New Parish (Oakland) 7/30

DNTEL/ The One AM Radio/ Geotic @ Rickshaw Stop 8/3
KMFDM @ The Regency Grand 8/5
Crystal Castles @ Regency Grand 8/6
*Clap Your Hands Say Yeah @ The Independent 8/10
*Best Coast/ Eskimo @ California Academy Of Sciences 8/11

(more upcoming shows at

* = We're there
** = We're DJing
# = win tickets during 480 Minutes

Oh, and happy birthday, Franka Potente. Let's grab a drink this weekend to celebrate.

Franka Potente (aka Lola)

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