Friday, September 20, 2013

"480 Minutes" - new Elvis Costello, Wonder Stuff, MGMT

What a week!  80+ submissions!  If this keeps up I am going to have to demand a raise!  If for nothing else than for cotton swabs with which to wipe out all of the crud that's being submitted along with the brilliant gems we pass along to you.  Yes, I am seriously sleep-deprived (I actually fell asleep on the subway this afternoon!) and crabby this week, but also kinda excited by several pieces of ear candy we unwrapped this week and which will debut during today's edition of 480 Minutes including Banks (Los Angeles, CA), The Blind Shake (Minneapolis, MN), Blouse (Portland, OR), The Blow (Brooklyn, NY via Portland, OR), Cloud Control (Sydney, Australia), Crushed Beaks (London, England), Erica Nockalls (England), Elvis Costello And The Roots (London, England/New York, NY), Fuzz (San Francisco, CA), Grouplove (Los Angeles, CA), Guillermo Sexo (Boston, MA), MGMT (Middletown, CT), Nantes (Sydney, Australia), The Paper Kites (Melbourne, Australia), Sisu (Los Angeles, CA), and The Wonder Stuff (Stourbridge, England).

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