Friday, September 06, 2013

"480 Minutes" - new Pixies and Nine Inch Nails -- Which Millennium Is It Again?

Yes, new Pixies and new Nine Inch Nails in the same week.  It's almost too much to process, but I have faith in you, dear listeners, we can handle this if we just believe in each other and stick together.

Before getting to the rest of the new music this week let me say that I'm pleased to report that, unlike on my previous visits to their venue, the staff at The Mercury Lounge were perfectly reasonable last week when I saw Diarrhea Planet and The So So Glos there.  I'm even more pleased to report that DP more than makes up for their sophomoric-even-for-a-high-school-band name with a blistering live show.  It seemed that everyone in the crowd was enjoying themselves thoroughly, and no one in the room was enjoying the show more than the six guys on stage.  That sold me on DP, despite stage-left guitarist Eddie Van Malmsteen's tendency to layer same-y and unnecessary metal riffs and tapping over the top of just about every song.  Even though his style of playing is not really my thing, it actually worked on couple of songs, but again, after a while: same-y.  Over and over.  Fortunately the punk rock energy oozing out of his five bandmates carried the day.  Four guitars, a bass guitar, a drummer, and then guest guitarist Marnie Stern for one song.  Yes, for one song of their set there were five guitarists performing on stage at once. 

OK, enough about that.  Today's edition of 480 Minutes will include new music by Forest Fire (New York, NY), Franz Ferdinand (Glasgow, Scotland), The Growlers (Costa Mesa, CA), Holograms (Stockholm, Sweden), Joanna Gruesome (Cardiff, Wales, UK), King Khan and The Shrines (Berlin, Germany), Motive (Brooklyn, NY via Seattle, WA), Nine Inch Nails (Cleveland, OH), Pixies (Boston, MA), and Vance Joy (Melbourne, Australia).

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