Friday, September 13, 2013

"480 Minutes" - A Record Number of Records

Submissions-wise it's been a big week here at BAGeL Radio -- we received a record 70+ albums worth of new music to sift through!   In an effort try to find you some worthy bits and hidden gems, sift we did!

The bad news it took a lot of time, effort, and concentration and still we couldn't get through it all.  I guess we have some weekend work to do!

The good news is this obscene overload (a) contained over 20 fine songs, and (b) finally pushed us to ask two different radio promo companies stop submitting stuff to us because. Their signal to noise ratio no longer cuts it in this brave new world where everyone and their mother is releasing music every week.  It's a Dr. Dog eat Dr. Dog world, folks, and truth be told I wish some dog would eat Dr. Dog to prevent that band from slipping another crap record into our review queue.

Today's edition of 480 Minutes will include new music by Braids (Montreal, Canada), Chelsea Wolfe (Sacramento, CA), Coastgaard (Brooklyn, NY), Crystal Stilts (Brooklyn, NY), Dog Bite (Atlanta, GA), EndAnd (Brooklyn, NY), The Lower 48 (Portland, OR via Minneapolis, MN), Man Man (Philadelphia, PA), Nightmares on Wax (Leeds, England), Obits (Brooklyn, NY), The Pack A.D. (Vancouver, Canada), Paul McCartney (Liverpool, England), Potty Mouth (Northampton, MA), The Rich Hands (San Antonio, TX), Richard Buckner (Brooklyn, NY), and Terry Malts (San Francisco, CA).

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