Friday, November 08, 2013

"480 Minutes" - new Los Campesinos

One of the places my high school friends and I went dancing back in the day was a club called Area.
 Reading about it now in this, the year of our Ken Cucinelli, it sounds a little extreme, but I remember seeing celebrities, and bizarre art, and sex in bathrooms...none of it seemed all that odd to me at the time.  I guess that's what I thought was supposed to happen when one went clubbing in Manhattan.

Remind me sometime to tell you the story of the time I took my parents to Limelight...

Today's 480 Minutes show (every Friday 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. Eastern Time) will debut new songs by Aloa Input (Bavaria), Audacity (Fullerton, CA), Black Books (Austin, TX), Chris Garneau (Boston, MA), Diego Garcia (New York, NY), Dream Shake (Virginia Beach, VA), Ghost Dance (Springfield, MO), Los Campesinos (Cardiff, Wales), Phantogram (Saratoga Springs, NY), Popstrangers (London via Auckland), Reputante (New York, NY), and Sat. Nite Duets (Milwaukee, WI).

Requests will be taken and oftentimes honored during the live-hosted hours (9 a.m. - 5 p.m Eastern Time) via e-mail and IM:

e-mail: ted(at)
Yahoo IM/GoogleTalk: bagelradio
AOL/iChat: bagelradiolive

Please Tweet about the artists you hear on 480 Minutes today!  @chrisgarneau, @diegogarcianyc, @Audacityca, @GhostDanceUSA, @popstrangers, @LosCampesinos, @BlackBooksMusic, @SatNiteDuets, @Reputante, @phantogram.

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