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Friday, October 17, 2014

"480 Minutes" - 10/17/14

First the bad news: next week both Fuzzy Road and 480 Minutes will be re-runs because we will be busy running around NYC seeing bands at the CMJ new music marathon.

The good news the Republicans are so worried about the upcoming midterm elections that all we hear about is Ebolaghazi! and our media is more than happy to hype this as an existential threat.  Said media is uncritically repeating Republican calls for travel bans (often leading the story with it!) while failing to mention that every medical expert everywhere (plus their very own Department of Homeland Security, for Reagan's sake!) says that doing so is a bad, counter-productive idea.  Rah rah, America!  The land of the free to be ignorant!  And terrified!  Of all the wrong things!

In even better news, today we have new music to debut for you by Absolutely Free (Toronto, Canada, @FreeAbsolutely), a covers EP from JEFF The Brotherhood (Nashville, TN, @JEFFTheBrotherhood), Mall Walk (Oakland, CA), and some old dude named Robert Plant or something (Led Zeppelin, @RobertPlant).

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