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Friday, October 03, 2014

"480 Minutes" - 10/3/14

This week we were lucky enough to see Ausmuteants, Deaf Wish, Pampers, The Raveonettes, and Coves.  Not a whole lot of sleep, and more than a little bit of a tinnitus recurrence (despite the earplugs), but boy was that fun!  You can check out some of our gig photos here.

New music to debut today by Alex G. (Philadelphia, PA), AroarA (Montreal, Canada, @aroaraaroara),  Ausmuteants (Geelong, Australia, @Ausmuteants), Caribou (Dundas, Canada, @CaribouBand), Deaf Wish (Melbourne, Australia), Dot Hacker (Los Angeles, CA, @DotHackerBand), The Tropics (San Francisco, CA, @thetropicsmusic), Useless Eaters (San Francisco, CA, @UselessEaters), Walter TV (Vancouver, Canada, @WalterTV), Wampire (Portland, OR, @wampire), and Wax Witches (Brooklyn, NY).

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