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Friday, October 31, 2014

"480 Minutes" - Erica Nockalls' "EN2" Radio Debut

Today is a very special 480 Minutes -- not only is it Halloween, not only do we have a bunch of stuff to tell you about from CMJ, but we also have the world radio debut of the new album from Erica Nockalls of The Wonderstuff, The Proclaimers, Miles & Erica, and of course Erica Nockalls.  We aired songs from her first record and are honored to have been selected to play these new songs for you before anyone else.  You, dear listeners, should order the album right now exclusively via her website,
We also have new music today from  Børns (Los Angeles, CA, @BornsMusic), Cherry Glazerr (Los Angeles, CA, @CherryGlazer), Cold War Kids (Fullerton, CA, @ColdWarKids), Deerhoof (San Francisco, CA, @DeerHoof), Dope Body (Baltimore, MD, @DopeBody), Erica Nockalls (England, @Erica_Nockalls), Fox and The Law (Seattle, WA, @FoxAndTheLaw). Hookworms (Leeds, England, @hookworms, Hundreds (Hamburg, Germany, @HundredsBand), Meatbodies (San Francisco, CA, @MeatBodies), The Ocean Party (Melbourne, Australia, @TheOceanParty), Panda Bear (Lisbon, Portugal, @PandaBear), Sink Tapes (New Brunswick, New Jersey, @SinkTapes), and Sunbears! (Jacksonville, Florida, @sunbears), so fasten your earbuds for what will surely be a no-nonsense new music discovery day.

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