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Friday, January 16, 2015

"480 Minutes" - It's Getting Real Up In Here

There was a shocking, sudden, totally unexpected flood of new releases this week -- normally submissions don't ramp up from under a dozen to over three dozen in one week, but that's what's happened!

Yay new music!  And much of it was good!

Today on 480 Minutes we will debut new music by Belle and Sebastian (Glasgow, Scotland, @bellesglasgow), Dan Mangan + Blacksmith (Vancouver, Canada, @DanManganMusic), Diet Cig (New Paltz, NY, @DietCig), The Dodos (San Francisco, CA, @TheDodos), Free Weed (Los Angeles, CA, @FreeWeeed), Jack Name (Los Angeles, CA), Kuzin (Nashville, TN, ), Liam Hayes (Chicago, IL, @LiamHayesPlush), The Prodigy (Braintree, England, @The_Prodigy), Sink Tapes (New Brunswick, NJ, @SinkTapes), Sleater-Kinney (Portland, OR, @Sleater_Kinney), and Ty Segall (Los Angeles, CA, @TySegall).  

(Are you shocked that there's a new Ty Segall record? Yeah.  Me neither.  Does that guy ever sleep?)

Sad to report that the new JEFF The Brotherhood single sounds like something hat would have been all the rage at "Modern Rock" stations in the mid-90s.  This is not a good thing, and we will not be playing it.  Holding out hope that the rest of the album will be more interesting.

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