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Friday, March 20, 2015

"480 Minutes" - Modest Mouse, Wand, Cribs, Gateway Drugs, and more….

Well, it's supposed to snow here in New York.  Again!  A couple of weeks ago it snowed 3 times in one week!  The Yankees and Mets are in Florida getting ready for another season and it's snowing?  Sheesh, Mother Nature, we get it!  We'll vote out "Snowball" Inhofe and all of the other Big Oil- and/or Koch-backed climate change deniers (and their reflexively anti-science/anti-Obama-above-all colleagues) and turn this ship around, really, we promise!  Now could we please get started with some mellow Spring weather and maybe follow it up with a not brutally hot summer?  Thanks!

Today on 480 Minutes we will debut excellent new music by Chastity Belt (Seattle, WA, @chast1tybelt), The Cribs (Wakefield, England, @TheCribs), Gateway Drugs (Los Angeles, CA, @GatewayDrugs_), The Go! Team (Brighton, England, @the_go_team), JEFF The Brotherhood (Nashville, TN, @JEFFbrotherhood), Lost Boy? (Suffolk County, NY, @lofihigh),  Male Gaze (San Francisco, CA), Modest Mouse (Issaqua, WA, @ModestMouseBand), and Wand (Los Angeles, CA) .

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