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Friday, March 27, 2015

"480 Minutes"

So, it looks like Indiana's new state motto is: "We're More Hateful Than Arizona!" It's so sad that in 2015 entire U.S. states are taking steps backwards into the 1950s, actively working to protect the discriminators instead of those discriminated against.  It's worse than sad: it's disgusting.   I simply can't accept that a majority of the state believes that discrimination is OK.  Hopefully the citizens of Indiana will revolt against their hateful governor and legislature over this.

That codifying hatred into law is being done in the name of "religious freedom" makes it all the more Orwellian.  Leaders of all kinds (business, religious, celebrity, athletes) must come forward and loudly condemn this type of state-sanctioned bigotry (there are a bunch of other states with similar legislation in place), as do the people of the states in which such laws exist.

Today on 480 Minutes we will debut new music by Alex G (Philadelphia, PA, @SandyAlexG), Circa Waves (Liverpool, England, @CircaWaves), Courtney Barnett (Melbourne, Australia, @CourtneyMelba), Dave Segedy (Bloomington, IN, @DaveSegedy), Mini Mansions (Los Angeles, CA, @MiniMansions), Mitski (Brooklyn, NY, @Mitski), Petite Noir (Capetown, South Africa, @Petite_Noir), Pokey LaFarge (St. Louis, MO, @PokeyLaFarge), and  The Soft Moon (Oakland, CA, @TheSoftMoon).

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