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Friday, April 10, 2015

"480 Minutes" - American Wrestlers

I was looking forward to playing you songs from the new Villagers record, but as Kate Hutchinson writes in her album review, "If someone wrote me love songs like this, I’d send them some balls in the post."  Harsh, but spot on. Boring, boring record sprinkled with some very poor production choices.  Disappointing is not a strong enough word and I've already wasted too many words on it.

Much of the rest of the submissions this week were crap, too, but we've had such a tremendous run of great new music these past few weeks that it's hard to complain…except someone had to sift through all of the garbage…(I know, world's smallest violin).  But sift we did, and we found some gems amidst the detritus.

Today on 480 Minutes we will debut new music by American Wrestlers (St. Lous, MO via WFANFC, @AmericanWrestle), Ava Luna (New York, NY, @AvaLunaMusic), Laura Marling (Eversley, @LauraMarlingHQ), Moon King (Toronto, Canada, @DanielMoonKing), Surfer Blood (West Palm Beach, FL, @SurferBlood), and Young Fathers (Edinburgh, Scotland, @YoungFathers).

There may well be a few Jose Gonzalez and Junip songs as we are going to see our favorite Swedish singer this evening here in NYC at Webster Hall.

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