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Friday, April 03, 2015

"480 Minutes" - POW!

Today on 480 Minutes we will debut new music by Death Cab For Cutie (Bellingham, WA, @dcfc), Dinner (Los Angeles, CA via Copenhagen, Denmark, @dinnerxdinner), Drenge (Sheffield, England, @drenge), DTCV (Joshua Tree, CA, @dtcvrock), Faith Healer (Edmonton, Canada, @jlbrt), INHEAVEN (London, England, @inheaven), In Letter Form (San Francisco, CA, @inletterform), The King Khan and BBQ Show (Berlin, Germany/Montreal, CA, @kkbbqshow), The One And Only PPL MVR (Los Angeles, CA, @pplmvr), POW! (San Francisco, CA), The Prodigy (Braintree, England, @The_Prodigy), Richard Turgeon (San Francisco, CA, @RichardTurgeon), Waxahatchee (Birmingham, AL, @k_crutchfield), and Weed (Vancouver, Canada, @WeedShouldRock).

The show will also feature one very, very tired host who never goes out on Thursday nights because that's when we listen to as many last-minute submissions for playlist consideration possible.  Last night, however,  I had a chance to see the Toronto band Alvvays at the Bowery Ballroom.  I couldn't pass it up and don't regret the decision.  They were great.  Great songs, excellent performance, good sound, personality from the singer -- what more could you ask for?  The guitarist clearly wants to be Johnny Marr and the whole band appears to have fully ingested and digested The Smiths and Camera Obscura to the point where they come out sounding like their own thing -- and that is a might good-sounding thing.

The band that opened for them were good, too.  Also Canadians, but for whatever reason their name is Kiwi.  To me they should have been called Malkmus Drives the Mystery Machine, or Shaggy Malkmus (think Pavement songs done in a more 60s garage pop style).  They did almost of ruin it, though, by breaking a cardinal rule of opening acts, and this one is particularly true for completely unknown to the audience opening acts: play your hookiest, popiest song last, not the longer, self-indulgent one that leaves the crowd wondering when the song is going to end.

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