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Friday, May 01, 2015

"480 Minutes" - May? Blaaaah!

A-yuh it's May alright.  That's all I've got on the matter.

On the subject of Baltimore, please read this interview with The Wire creator David Simon, and this other piece written about Ferguson which explains the current situation in Baltimore better than most of the current reporting.  Perhaps most importantly, share these perspectives with anyone who asks questions like, "Why do they burn down their own neighborhood?"

Today on 480 Minutes we will debut tons of new music by Blur (London, England, @BlurOfficial), Braids (Montreal, Canada, @braidsmusic), Django Django (London, England, @TheDjangos), Elephants on Tape (Weimar, Germany, @ElephantsOnTape), The Helio Sequence (Portland, OR, @HelioSequence), Hop Along (Philadelphia, PA, @HopAlongTheBand),  Les Big Byrd (Stockholm, Sweden, @LesBigByrd), Mac McCaughan (Chappel Hill, NC, @MacMerge), Michael Rault (Edmonton, Canada, @MichaelRault), Pale Honey (Gothenburg, Sweden, @PaleHoneyBand), Shark? (Brooklyn, NY, @SharkQuestionMark), Surfer Blood (West Palm Beach, FL, @SurferBlood), and Twinsmith (Omaha, NE, @twinsmithmusic).

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