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Friday, July 31, 2015

"480 Minutes" - Lions and Lying Murderous Cops and Fetus Parts, Oh My!

So much outrage this week.  From more murderous police and their lying brethren who try to cover for them, to abhorrent big game 'hunting' Americans, to the Swift Boating of Planned Parenthood, man it's been hard to be proud to be an American.

Please do me the favor of watching this straightforwardly entitled video, "Planned Parenthood is Not Selling Baby Parts, You Fucking Idiots." Then think about the millions of dollars and thousands of work hours congress is about to waste investigating the fake controversy created entirely by a shadowy organization whose aim is to destroy Planned Parenthood and whose evidence is a highly edited agenda-driven video clearly designed to whip up the anti-choice Republican base and possibly defund an organization that mainly provides lower-income women with healthcare.  And again, this soon-to-be Starr Report-scale investigation is based solely on a false, manufactured narrative that all 347 Republican candidates for president seem to have swallowed whole.

While I'm allowing myself to speak freely... I don't usually rip on the bad records that cross my desk. I've liked stuff that this artist has been involved with in the past, and he's a fellow pinball guy, but man, this new Mac deMarco record is just fucking terrible.  It's like Jimmy Buffet attempting to make a Yacht Rock record playing a Casio PT-1 and recording the results to 4-track.  Awful.

Today's all-new 480 Minutes show will feature new music by The Drums (Brooklyn, NY, @TheDrumsForever), Grave Babies (Seattle, WA, @GraveBabies), HEALTH (Los Angeles, CA, @_HEALTH_), Jacuzzi Boys (Miami, FL, @JacuzziBoys), Raccoon Fighter (Queens, NY, @RaccoonFighter), and Seapony (Seattle, WA, @seaponyband).

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