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Friday, August 07, 2015

"480 Minutes" - new Royal Headache; Telepathe

Did you watch the Stupid Bowl on FOX News last night?  I couldn't, I was too busy preparing today's 480 Minutes program.  You're welcome!  From what I have heard from friends and the analyses I've read it was as expected: a reality TV show from which nothing substantial could be gleaned and a sound bite-spawning Petri dish.  I bet they would have been more entertaining if they took my friend Steve's idea to do the whole thing Hollywood Squares-style and ran with it.

I didn't watch Jon Stewart's #jonvoyage episode of The Daily Show either, so please, no spoilers.

In significantly more substantial news, one of the records we'll be debuting for you today is by a band called Ultimate Painting.   Time and again since the record arrived I've typed (and thought): Ultimate Parking.  I have no idea why.  Now you, too, will forever be confused about the name of this band.  You're welcome again!

Today's all-new 480 Minutes show will feature new music by Big Scary (Melbourne, Australia, @BigScaryMusic), Cave Mouth (Bristol, England), Deaf Wish (Melbourne, Australia), PWR BTTM (Brooklyn, NY, @pwrbttmband), Royal Headache (Sydney, Australia, @royalheadache), St. Lenox (Brooklyn, NY via Ames, IA, @StLenox), Telepathe (Los Angeles/NYC, @telepathe), and Ultimate Painting (London, England, @ult_painting).

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