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Friday, September 08, 2017

"480 Minutes" - I Won Something This Week!

This week was the season opening party for the PinballNYC league at which, historically, a novelty tournament occurs, be it mixed-doubles, split-flipper, what have you.  This time it was a plain-old 2 strikes tournament with part of the proceeds going to help the Hurricane Harvey relief effort.  I was fortunate enough to come out on top, and I'm happy to announce that the three of us who finished in the money donated our winnings to the relief effort, meaning all of the tournament money went to the cause.  I ended up with a Williams pinball neon bar light (see photo) courtesy of Sunshine Laundromat owner Peter, who generously donated prizes for each top finisher.

We didn't have a windfall of great new submissions this week, but there were a few.  The first few songs on the new Alvvays album worried me -- they seemed too clean, to smooth, too pop -- but then songs 5, 6, and 7 swooped in to save the day.

Today the award-winning 480 Minutes show today will feature new songs by Alvvays (Toronto, Canada, @alvvaysband), Alyeska (Los Angeles, CA, @alyeskaband), Chad VanGaalen (Calgary, Alberta, Canada, @ChadVanGaalen), The Dream Syndicate (Los Angeles, CA, @_DreamSyndicate), Faith Healer (Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, @FayeThealer), Grizzly Bear (Brooklyn, NY, @grizzlybear), L.A. Witch (Los Angeles, CA - duh!, @LA_WITCH), and LCD Soundsystem (New York, NY, @lcdsoundsystem).

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 480 Minutes Season 13 Episode 34

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