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Friday, March 02, 2018

"480 Minutes" - Fuck Cancer

There's so much new music to get to during today's massive 8-hour live-hosted marathon show that there isn't even time for political or social commentary. I will mention that a couple of friends that I admire who were taken by the big C this week, one was a key figure in the San Francisco music scene who made me a "presenting artist" for one day when she invited me to show my rock and roll photos at her bar, the other was a key figure in the Boston comedy scene and someone who influenced and taught me a great deal about politics, life, humanity, and baseball.  I'd say RIP Annie Southworth and Barry Crimmins, but I don't think that's possible for either of them, so instead I'll say keep fighting for what's right, my friends. Also, fuck cancer.

Today we will debut new music by Barely Civil (Wausau, WI, @barely_civil),  Camp Cope (Melbourne, Australia), Chemtrails (London, England, @chemtrails_ldn), Courtney Barnett (Melbourne, Australia, @courtneymelba), Dead Parties (Barcelona, Spain via Melbourne, Australia, @deadparties), Gift Wrap (Brooklyn, NY, @Bboys__), Gwenno (Cardiff, Wales, @GwennoSaunders), Melissa Laveaux (Paris via Canada via Haiti, @noformatrecords), The Kills (London, England, @thekills), Olden Yolk (New York, NY, @oldenyolk), The Orielles (Halifax, England, @TheOrielles), Prism Tats (Los Angeles, CA, @prismtats), and Vandal Moon (Santa Cruz, CA, @VandalMoon).

Today's show runs from 9 a.m. until 5 p.m. Eastern U.S. Time and is followed by 2 hours of uninterrupted music.  The show will then be rebroadcast in it's entirety beginning at 7 p.m., then again on Saturday at 5 a.m. and 3 p.m., and one final time on Sunday at 1 a.m., followed by a rebroadcast of this week's Fuzzy Road radio show at 11 a.m.

Tune in!

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480 Minutes / Year 14 / Episode 9 - Fuck Cancer

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