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Friday, April 13, 2018

"480 Minutes" - Two Americas

If you've ever wondered why it's impossible to have a fact-based conversation with a MAGAt, or why it's out of the realm of possibility that The Trumped can defend their positions with anything resembling reason, it's because they quite literally don't know the facts.  On Tucker Carlson's FOX "News" show on Monday, instead of focusing on news so real that POtuS Tweeted about it multiple times (the FBI raid on lawyer Michael Cohen's offices), Carson lead with a story on panda sex.

Besides inventing distractions in the form of inflammatory exaggerations and outright falsehoods ("no-go zones," "The War on Christmas," Librulz iz coming fer yer gunz, etc.), further divorcing their viewers from reality, FOX routinely ignores stories they can't be bothered to spin, like the special election results last November.  FOX viewers honestly don't know the facts and thus cannot begin to defend their positions. This is how we get school administrators arming teachers with mini baseball bats as a security measure against AR-15 wielding school shooters -- and not losing their jobs over such inanity.  When one lives amongst educated, inclusive, intellectually curious, worldly people it can be difficult to fathom such willful ignorance from fellow citizens, but watching FOX News for just a couple of hours a week makes it all crystal clear: there are two Americas. One lives with facts and reality, the other lives in a dark fantasy where white male Christians are the oppressed; one remembers what big cities choked by smog were like before The Clean Air Act, the other applauds the removal of any such onerous regulations on business.

Today we will debut new music from Animal Electricity (Denver, CO), Goat Girl (South London, England), High Sunn (San Francisco, CA,@HighSunn), IDLES (Bristol, England, @IdlesBand), and Sofi Tukker (New York, NY, @sofitukker).

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480 Minutes / Year 14 / Episode 15

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