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Friday, April 19, 2019

"480 Minutes" - No Exoneration

What level of turd signs up to do dirty deeds for a monster which even lying racist toady human pin cushion Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III wouldn't stoop to? William Pelham Barr is that level of turd. The current U.S. Attorney General is off to a fine start in his attempt to wrest the top Tangerine Toddler Sycophant trophy from Lindsey Graham. This most disgusting display of party over country is brought to you by: the Republican Party, whose members apparently continue support the serial liar in chief.

Meanwhile there are individuals and organizations in the U.S. spending time and money to convince people to not vaccinate their children. We are experiencing a resurgence of measles, a disease declared eliminated in the U.S. 20 years ago, to such an extent that while in an overcrowded Emergency Room this week, everyone was handed masks "due to the measles epidemic." Apparently the disease elimination declaration people didn't count on charlatans making robocalls to push disinformation about the medical miracle that did away with such things as polio and for this scheme to work: enough of the population is putting their kids and others at risk for no good reason whatsoever that these pockets of selfish idiocy are making a difference and weakening our herd immunity.

In more pleasant news, my beloved New York Islanders have advanced to the second round of the NHL playoffs after sweeping a playoff series for the first time in 35 years. Their first-round games were all close, tense, and won by the team I've been rooting for (and suffering with) since as a kid my best friend's dad (a Rangers fan!) took me to my first ever hockey game which just happened to be on Long Island. If you like televised sports at all and have never watched playoff hockey, do yourself a favor and don't start now because it will consume you through June. Even games between teams you've never heard of will be riveting. 

Today's 480 Minutes show will feature new songs by Broken Social Scene (Toronto, Canada, @bssmusic), Sink Tapes (New Brunswick, New Jersey, @sinktapes), TR/ST (Toronto, Canada, @tr_st), and Wand (Los Angeles, CA, @corythanson).

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480 Minutes / Year 15 - Episode 14/645

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