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Friday, June 28, 2019

"480 Minutes" - Natural Law

So there is now a group of religious zealots holed up in the hollowed-out State Department (there are literally hundreds of long-standing posts) advising Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. I call them the Taliban West. They call themselves the Commission on Unalienable Rights and their charter is to "provide fresh thinking about human rights discourse." Translation: these folks want to roll back rights which, according to them, are not "unalienable." They want to force a moral code on all U.S. citizens, a code that adheres to God's "Natural Laws," which of course means one particular god and one particular set of laws as they interpret them. To this group the concept of "the separation of church and state" isn't even a quaint notion of the past, it was a mistake from the start and they are here to correct that mistake by fusing the two. Starting to see why my name for them makes sense?

Their leader has advocated for civil disobedience over abortion and same-sex marriage, suggesting that fighting the latter as akin to fighting slavery or eugenics, and the dude is opposed to: FDR’s “freedom from want and fear,” the U.N.’s unanimously passed "Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which included rights like a decent standard of living and health care; and the expansion of rights to protect people from discrimination, particularly on the basis of gender or sexuality.”

This week I happened across people on social media who are convinced that there are radical liberals out there trying to make it legal to abort babies at and after birth (yes, that's an oxymoron), as referenced by President Ida Rapedherbut Shesnotmytype in his 2019 State of the Union Address. They refused to (couldn't?) tell me who these radicals are, where they are attempting to get such laws passed, nor provide sources for their info on the subject, but claim "it's a radical left thing some people believe."

Step right up, folks, get your pink triangles here, in the aisle where once contraceptives were legally sold, and over there in that clinic which once gave women the ability to choose what happened to their own bodies is where you check in your queer child for "conversion therapy!" Praise Jesus!

In less shocking and a tad lighter but still a bit surprising news, a few bands lately seem to be taking cues from an under-appreciated, dearly departed (R.I.P. Trish Keenan) 2000s band from Birmingham, England called Broadcast. One such band is Olden Yolk on their new record, another will be making their BAGeL Radio debut today, a band called Crumb.

Today's 480 Minutes show will feature new songs by Automatic (Los Angeles, CA, @automatic_band), Band Apart (reissue, NYC/Marseille), Crumb (Brooklyn, NY, @crumbtheband), Girl Friday (Los Angeles, CA), Mal Blum (Brooklyn, NY, @malblum), Orions Belte (Bergen, Norway, @belteorions), Prettiest Eyes (Los Angeles, CA, @prettiesteyesss), The Raconteurs (@thirdmanrecords), and Spoon (Austin, TX, @spoontheband).

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480 Minutes / Year 15 - Episode 23/654

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