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Friday, August 16, 2019

"480 Minutes" - Israel ≠ Judaism

The Attorney General of the United States (not of the President, of the United States) whose father hired an unqualified Jeffrey Epstein to teach at an elite private high school even though he didn't have a degree in teaching, nor in the subjects he was teaching, nor in anything at all) this week submitted a amicus "friend of the court" brief to try to block the release of President I'm Really Rich's tax returns. The AG should have nothing to say about this matter. The request for said tax returns has nothing to do with the Department of Justice nor the federal laws it is supposed to be upholding. Instead, the AG is attempting to obstruct justice on behalf of the man who appointed him; both men seem to think the AG's job is to protect this President at every turn when, in fact, the job is to protect the United States. It's really a shame that there is no institution in place that's supposed to stop this kind of nefarious activity beside's the one currently dominated by Moscow Mitch.

Also, congressional Republicans are doubling down President Nationalist's patently false Tweet declaring that Representatives Omar and Tlaib unconditionally and irredeemably hate me and my family and every other Jew everywhere on the planet. Nothing in the Tweet is true, and it once again trains targets on these members of congress, so even if the accusations were factual, this would still be a criminally irresponsible use of the bully pulpit.  False, hateful, anti-immigrant rhetoric has provided well-armed RWNJs the incentive needed to murder 22 in El Paso and 51 in New Zealand and 11 in Pittsburgh. 

As we careen towards 2020 the GOP platform is taking shape: demonize immigrants, spread hate, plainciting mass murder, caging babies, lying about anything and everything....for someone who grew up believing in the melting pot future envisioned by Star Trek it's just impossible to comprehend that 39% of the voting public would pull the lever for The Dotard.

Today's 480 Minutes show will feature new music by The Dreaded Laramie (Nashville, TN), Ellis (Hamilton, Ontario, Canada), and Lunch Lady (Los Angeles, CA, @lunchladymusic).

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480 Minutes / Year 15 - Episode 29/660

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