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Friday, August 09, 2019

"480 Minutes" - It's Still Not Video Games

Dear Fox News: It's still not video games. Seriously. And this is no newsflash -- we've known this for decades. Employing that misdirection was an embarrassingly lazy fig leaf to cover your fealty to the gun lobby after Columbine, and 20 years later it's even more embarrassing and lazy. Stop it. You are hurting America.

Dear folks at those white nationalist rallies: Put away the "we're not racist" t-shirts. You are not fooling anyone but yourselves.

Dear everyone who knows why the U.S. has actually more mass shootings than the rest of the world combined and knows that if they said many things Trump has said and tweeted to their boss there would be serious consequences: If you read/watch the news and feel like you are being gaslighted by bogus claims about video games causing mass shootings in the U.S. but not elsewhere, and by people who strongly insist that Representative Ilhan Omar should go back to where she came from while also insisting they are not racist, or even by the New York Times which continues to fail at headline-writing about proclamations made by the most mendacious public figure of any of our lifetimes, you are not alone. Reassure yourself by looking things up from reputable sources and historical texts. Talk with friends and family about it. Reassure one another with your findings. And if that doesn't help, or doesn't help enough, try therapy. Speaking from personal experience, when the brain is full of constantly swirling thoughts and feelings, talking regularly with a trained professional can be extremely useful.

Today's 480 Minutes show will feature new music by CFM (Los Angeles, CA), Empath (Philadelphia, PA), Levitation Room (Los Angeles, CA, @levitationroom), L.T.D. (Berlin, Germany, @KingHaikuKhan), Pro Teens (Phoenix, AZ, @proteensaz), and Versus (New York, NY).

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480 Minutes / Year 15 - Episode 28/659

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