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Friday, September 27, 2019

"480 Minutes" - Crooked In Plain Sight

The Orange Menace has exposed a conspiracy that includes himself, his fake Christian apprentice VP, his absurd and insane personal lawyer, his corrupt acting chief of staff, his hand-picked-for-crookedness Attorney General, and likely others in his immediate orbit. The conspiracy reveals the occupant of the Oval Office attempting for some time to pressure Ukraine to re-investigate a closed case involving a man he views as his chief political rival. The insane personal lawyer has been bragging for months about his lead role in this arm-twisting in yet another attempt to appear relevant, to prove that he doesn't need no stinking cabinet post or ambassadorship, he's more important than any of those losers without their silly titles. Because Rudy is a bonkers egomaniac liar, few paid attention to the man who made multiple trips behind the (former iron) curtain to get a foreign government to interfere in an upcoming U.S. election, but now their sordid conspiracy to use the office of the president (including withholding funds duly appropriated by congress to aid an ally) for personal political gain is front-page news. It's like Watergate, only the perpetrator this time is saying "I am a crook! What are you going to do about it?!" while mocking 16-year old girls in his spare time.

This latest major scandal that would have sunk any other politician in American history (this administration has mostly dodged several of those already) has spurred the Speaker of the House of Representatives to finally impeach the fellow who definitely won the greatest landslide in election history and had the largest inauguration crowd ever and most certainly does not use a tanning bed or spray tan. I just hope the investigators employ non-politician lawyers like Barry Burke to conduct the questioning.

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Today's 480 Minutes show will again feature so much new music by Girl Band (Dublin, Ireland, @girl_band), LIFE (Hull, UK, @lifebanduk), Operator Music Band (Brooklyn, NY, @operatormusicb), Pixies (Boston, MA, @pixies), Reduction Plan (Queens, NY), (Sandy) Alex G (Philadelphia, PA, @sandyalexg), and Susan (Los Angeles, CA, @susan_is_a_band).

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480 Minutes / Year 15 - Episode 34/665

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