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Friday, September 06, 2019

"480 Minutes" - #sharpiegate

Hello and welcome to the 32nd edition of 480 Minutes of 2019, our 663rd overall.

This weekly live-hosted 8-hours of music radio show highlights all of our new playlist additions and some of our music director's neuroses, peccadilloes, and other difficulties with the French language. It's awesome.

But first, a few notes about what went down in the U.S. this week. The *President unilaterally declassified a classified photo. It is his right to do so. That doesn't make it right. He did so for no good reason. He did so to embarrass and provoke a country which Republicans have tried to goad into war for decades now. 

Then he did a show and tell with an old weather forecast to prove that his incorrect Tweet about the (nonexistent) threat to Alabama from hurricane Dorian was in fact correct but instead he made himself look even more idiotic by amateurishly altering the image. He's like the guy who steals your credit card, uses it, but then signs his own name on the charge. It did launch some pretty fantastic Sharpie memes. This episode revealed once again that those around him are spineless, powerless, empty suited enablers, and those who support him have become disconnected from objective reality.

Also our noted homophobe and anti-LGBT crusader Vice President went to Ireland to meet with Irish leader Leo Varadkar, an openly gay man. Obviously, our creepy Veep (who can't be alone with females who are not his wife) brought "Mother" (seriously, that's what he calls her) with him to make sure he kept his dick in his pants. The gay-hating couple stayed in a Trump-owned venue 200 miles from the meeting venue because apparently the entire city of Dublin and every place in between were, like, totally booked, deartháir. Fittingly they were greeted with a gay disco protest. Afterwards they flew to Icleand where they were greeted by rows and rows of rainbow flags on display just for them, and Iceland's President and First Lady both wore rainbow bracelets. It's so great that these adults showed their utter disdain and lack of respect for the hateful Pences' anti-LGBT agenda. It's so awful that the hateful anti-LGBT agenda is being spread around the world and, in this case, supposedly represents us.

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Today's 480 Minutes show will again feature so much new music by The Futureheads (Sunderland, England, @thefutureheads), Guaxe (Paraty, Brazil, @guaxemusic), Lower Dens (Baltimore, MD, @lowerdens), Mean Jeans (Portland, OR, @mean_jeans), Miss June (Auckland, New Zealand, @ihatemissjune), and Squid (Brighton/London, England, @squidbanduk).

480 Minutes is live-hosted from 9 a.m. until 5 p.m. Eastern U.S. Time and is followed by 2 hours of uninterrupted music. The show is then rebroadcast in it's entirety beginning at 7 p.m., then again on Saturday at 5 a.m. and 3 p.m., and one final time on Sunday at 1 a.m., followed by a rebroadcast of this week's Fuzzy Road radio show at 11 a.m. and then a couple of old 480 Minutes episodes from this week in past years, making for hosted shows all weekend long.

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480 Minutes / Year 15 - Episode 32/663

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