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Friday, September 11, 2020

"480 Minutes" - Trump Knew. Trump Lied. Tens of Thousands Died (with tens of thousands more to follow).

This week we learned from interview recordings that the #StableGenius knew that COVID-19 was far more deadly than the flu. Three weeks after admitting this on the record to journalist Bob Woodward, #TheOrangeTwit downplayed the virus during a televised White House Coronavirus task force briefing, comparing it with the flu, cracking jokes, having fun. He started tweeting repeatedly that thousands die of the flu each year but we don't shut down the economy over the flu, and knowingly repeated this dangerous misdirection time and agin. This unserious nothing-to-see-here attitude allowed the federal government to dawdle instead of responsibly springing into "warp speed" action on testing, contract tracing, building up stockpiles of PPE, etc.

The Woodward tapes reveal that #FuckfaceVonClownStick knew COVID-19 was a highly transmissible airborne disease, admitting to Woodward, "This is deadly stuff." He knew, he lied, he downplayed, he spread misinformation, he contradicted his public health experts, he muddied the waters, he made absurd claims time and again...and all the while he knew. And held rallies. And incited protests against his own administration's recommended lockdowns.

Who else knew? The Vice President had to know. Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney had to know. Jared Kushner, who was denied official security clearance over concerns of foreign influence and business conflicts of interests (and for, you know, lying on his clearance forms) but who was granted access access anyway by his father-in-law...yeah, he knew.

There needs to be an investigation launched right now into who knew what when. We already know that #Individual1 knew this stuff as he mislead the Fox-lobotomized into believing the raging pandemic with no cure was a hoax. Then it wasn't a hoax but would magically go away. Many outside the alternative facts bubble took the pandemic less seriously based on the disinformation and the lack of corrections from public health officials afraid of losing their jobs. Who else knew? Who else is culpable?

These people need to be investigated and tried for violations of their oaths of office, up to and including #CaptainChaos and his enablers in the administration and congress. I fear that won't happen because of precedent:
Dubyah/Cheney should have been tried for war crimes for the illegal immoral war of aggression against Iraq, both the lying to the public and our allies in making the case for the invasion and for the invasion itself, not to mention for bringing back torture against our own and international law.
Reagan and Bush Sr. should have been tried for their Iran-Contra crimes in which they (amongst other things) sold arms for hostages, circumvented and contradicted U.S. laws and foreign policy, in the process subverting the Constitution.
Nixon should have been tried for the high crimes and misdemeanors committed as he turned his White House into a criminal enterprise and for the further crimes committed  attempting to cover it all up.
Gerald Ford pardoning a clearly guilty Nixon set the precedent that Presidents are above the law. Said precedent gave license to future Presidents to extort political favors leveraging the power of the office for personal gain. Said precedent serves neither justice nor democracy. Said precedent needs to be reversed to prevent such abuses of power in the future.

By the way, #DumbNixon has embraced and elevated QANON, which has been identified by the FBI as a domestic terror threat, praising followers as people "who love our country." Vice President #FakeChristian is scheduled to speak on Monday at a fundraiser run by those insane Nazi cultists. Nazis? Yes. Fucking Nazis.

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This is hysterical until you realize that QANON is a Nazi cult preying on the Fox-lobotomized:

480 Minutes / Year 16 - Episode 35/710

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