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Friday, September 04, 2020

"480 Minutes" - Wait. What Happened to March - August?

The #StableGenius -- who totally wasn't rushed to the hospital in November because he was having mini-strokes and who totally didn't say all of those inhuman things about members of the military both alive and dead -- this week directed the White House Office of Management and Budget to withdraw federal funds for any “anarchist jurisdiction” that “disempowers or defunds police departments.” The memo specifically mentions Portland, Seattle, New York, and Washington, D.C.

To recap: the President of the United States issued a memo to withdraw federal funds from cities during a pandemic just as schools are re-opening on his idiotic diktat (he also threatened to withhold funding from schools which cannot "fully reopen"). 62 million Americans voted for this inept, cruel, delusional know-nothing sociopath in 2016, and I expect 60 million will vote for this inept, cruel, delusional know-nothing sociopath two months from now. Sad.

Today's show is live-hosted from 9am-5pm Eastern U.S. Time and features new music by Naked Roommate (Berkeley, CA), The November 3rd (Blue Statelandia), Throwing Muses (Newport, RI, @throwingmuses), Widowspeak (New York, NY, @widowspeaking), and Yard Act (Leeds, England, @YardActBand).

Besides that good stuff there were two metric tons of crap submissions as well this week. You don't have to listen to those. You're welcome.

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480 Minutes / Year 16 - Episode 34/709

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