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Friday, October 16, 2020

"480 Minutes" - Butter E-mails (Redux)

Apparently the now Parscale-free and obviously rudderless Trump campaign's best idea to boost their sad poll numbers is to...pimp an already-debunked hacked e-mail non-scandal. Kinda like they did in 2016. It also appears that this non-scandal may well be a foreign intelligence operation employing Mayor 9/11 as a tool to get the disinformation out there. It would not be the first time Rudy proved to be a useful idiot. The big difference this year is that instead of the opponent's e-mails, the e-mails (which aren't actually) in question are those of the opponent's son. Even if the premise of the 'crime'  hadn't been debunked months ago, the story is so utterly ridiculous it will only be believed by those who previously believed that a child sex ring was being run out the basement of a Washington D.C. pizza joint which doesn't have a basement. Sad.

A quick note for the record: Trump's last 3 campaign managers have now been arrested. 

Meanwhile congressional Republicans -- whose party is led by a serial lying racist sociopath con man -- are in a lather over censorship because Twitter blocked the likely Russian-created baseless ridiculous disinformation e-mail story. It is astounding to think that Republicans at the highest level of government don't understand what the First Amendment protects, but only until you realize that those same craven know-nothings are rushing through a Supreme Court nominee who struggled to name those very protections at her nationally televised job interview. Apparently Republicans no longer need to know the law, or the Constitution, since they no longer behave like laws apply to them.

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480 Minutes / Year 16 - Episode 39/714

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