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Friday, October 02, 2020

"480 Minutes" - Which River?

The current administration has long known that it has zero chance of winning the popular vote -- it did not in 2016, and has not even seemed to try to expand it's appeal (outside of recently offering craven, obviously fake bribes to seniors, African Americans, and Puerto Rico). Between the human rights crimes against migrants at the border, the deployment of unwanted uninvited federal troops in U.S. cities, the continued mishandling of the pandemic (which may have finally caught up with him but probably not because he Tweeted it himself and the man seemingly cannot tell the truth), and scandal after scandal, it is probably obvious even to the narcissist in chief that he can't win the stacked-in-his-favor electoral college, either.

So, what do you do when you know you are going to lose? Sow chaos, of course! Try to delegitimize the election in advance! Invent evidence-free anecdotes (aka lies) about ballots being tossed away in a river and rely on the "I will never lie to you" press secretary and the sycophants in the right wing media to back them up and spread them. Unfortunately, they forgot to give press secretary Kayleigh McEnany the full details needed to sell that particular lie, so when she was pressed on who discovered the ballots in the river and just which river it was, she had no answers. It was a moment of revelation so awkward that McEnany, previously believed to be devoid of shame, actually seemed to blush before attacking the questioner. It was almost enough to make one feel bad for her. No, it wasn't. Like everyone else in this administration, she deserves nothing but the worst for her role enabling the sabotage, grifting, undermining, and debasing of the United States of America.

So...anybody see that political "debate" this week?

It was terrible when the so-called president wouldn't condemn white supremacy (he finally did two days later, kinda like he did the day after saying there were very fine Nazis in Charlottesville and like he did about Obama's citizenship after years of perpetuating that fraud), but what might have been even scarier was that he suggested he would call on his people to engage in violence if he didn't win, and that he wouldn't pledge to not declare victory until the election results were independently verified.

He tried sabotaging the post office to kneecap mail-in-voting, he's been casting doubt on the election process since 2016, he and his son are calling for an "army" to "watch" the polls on election day...and as we've seen, everything this guy accuses others of are things he is already doing. He's claiming that the Democrats are cheating, ergo he is cheating. These are the actions of someone who knows he is going to lose if he plays by the rules. As during the "debate," he has no respect for rules or decorum or decency or democracy, so when it comes to the election he will do whatever he can to retain power including burn down the republic.

Last night he announced that he and the first lady had tested positive for COVID-19. Not surprising considering his aversion to masks and that one of his closest aids tested positive the previous day. It may be highly cynical to suggest this might be an "October Surprise," but this administration has made it impossible to believe anything that comes out of the White House or cabinet-level departments. Will anyone be surprised if after 2 weeks of quarantine #DonTheCon re-emerges looking healthy and claiming to be in perfect health and that his surviving the virus at his age proves what he's been saying all along: the virus is a hoax designed to hurt him politically and we have nothing to worry about, now let's all go raw dog porn stars?!

#SideshowDon doesn't know much of anything, but he is incredibly adept at controlling the narrative.

On the other hand...what happens if it’s true and this already unhealthy septuagenarian gets gravely ill and dies...and #Cult45 is mislead into yet another batshit crazy conspiracy theory that accuses Joe Biden and/or Chris Wallace and/or the deep state of assassinating their savior by intentionally infecting him? Never mind. Don't answer that.

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480 Minutes / Year 16 - Episode 38/713

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