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Friday, November 20, 2020

"480 Minutes" - The Clown Coup

Two weeks ago tomorrow the same media institutions which have called our elections for decades called this election for Joe Biden. About 7 congressional Republicans have publicly accepted this. The rest are either being very quiet or outright supporting this attack on U.S. elections.

Supporters of representative democracy in the U.S. find ourselves in a very bad place. The reality is much worse than most realize because so many are hyper-focused on Covid and/or staying afloat and/or their kids' education and/or Thanksgiving, etc. Still others are mesmerized by the Giuliani sideshow press conferences and frivolous lawsuits. It should be noted that things like the Rudy Show and Lindsey Graham pressuring Secretaries of State to discard votes and the incumbent phoning low-level election officials to pressure them into doing the wrong -- these things are not normal, these things are not OK, they are open-air corruption and if they were happening in another country we'd be sending troops in to help protect the results of the valid election. 

If the Republicans don’t break with the dangerous impulsive repulsive trumpquat by the end of this week the Democrats need to go nuclear and sue the GOP into the ground, Trump style. Lawsuits coordinated with a massive ad campaign forcing all Americans to discuss the reality of what is going on around the Thanksgiving table/screen is the necessary move. Dems have the money advantage, the law, and the facts on their side. It may not work, but just letting Squattergate continue is definitely not the answer.

Many in the media still seems to think that Republicans are going to see the light and put an end to this madness. "The fact is, on January 20th, his term ends" is a common refrain to which I reply, "What makes you believe that matters?" These expectations are based in historical precedent; they are most certainly not based on the reality we've seen in the form of Republicans words and actions in recent years. Their naked, shameless efforts to cheat are only getting more obvious and brazen, and the longer this charade continues the more dangerous it becomes.

However inept the public-facing parts of this coup attempt are, know that those clowns are just there to distract from the behind-the-scenes efforts to invalidate entire precincts and undermine the election results by devious, dedicated, well-paid, highly motivated operatives and true believers.

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480 Minutes / Year 16 - Episode 44/719

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