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Friday, November 06, 2020

"480 Minutes" - You Lost, Get Over It

Here in the U.S. we had a presidential election this week. You might have heard about it. It has been a boon for food, booze, and drug delivery companies. And cable news. A bonanza.

It looks like a great big mess but that's mostly because Republicans are feverishly trying to sow chaos and create a situation that they can steal victory from the jaws of defeat, not unlike the 2000 election when the Supreme Court decided to stop counting ballots and selected George W. Bush to be president over the Vice President who had served under the previous President who left office with a 65% approval rating. Did you know that Dubyah then got to seat two Supreme Court Justices, both of whom remain on the court. Did you you know that one of them was a lawyer involved in Bush v. Gore? Did you know that the two most recent Supreme Court Justices were on that Bush v. Gore team, too?

It's all so obvious and terrifying and yet...their plan was short-circuited when Trump didn't do nearly as well with election day in-person voting as they'd expected.

And now after months of Trump telling his people not to vote early, not to vote by mail, but to vote in person on Election Day, that strategy is backfiring. County after county in state after state is counting those mail-in ballots and red counties and previously red states are inching their way towards blue. As of last night the vote in Georgia is separated by 665 votes, which is 150 less than the number of write-in votes counted.  Also, as GA Secretary of State, Brian Kemp purged some 500k people of color from the voting rolls paving the way for his slim margin of victory when he subsequently ran for Governor. Had just 10% of those he disenfranchised showed up and just 51% of them voted Democratic, Biden would be leading already. In Georgia.

Mail-in and military and other early voting ballots are still being counted in Georgia and elsewhere despite the protestations of the demented seething rotting hate yam who is poised to become, quite literally, The Biggest Loser in U.S. presidential history as The Apprentice passes 270 electoral votes to become the 46th President of the United States. 

Nearly 70M people voted for a guy who is about to be handed a loss he clearly cannot accept and will do anything and everything to avoid, consequences be damned.

Despite the momentary chaos being caused by the aforementioned anything and everything including myriad frivolous and evidence-free lawsuits with no legal standing (no facts, no law, just a lot of banging on tables) being brought by the flailing malignant campaign of the incumbent, I remain hopeful that the election will not come down to actual court cases. The states with large outstanding numbers of ballots to count will provide Biden with more than enough electoral college votes to make those frivolous lawsuits melt away like the mirage they are.

I bet ol' Bone Spurs wishes he hadn't referred to fallen military as suckers and losers now!

During a week where the U.S. saw daily COVID-19 cases surpassing global daily records -- Thursday said to Wednesday, "103k in one day? Hold my beer!" and proceeded to tally up 116k -- #Cult45 is out in the streets at the direction of dear leader trying to intimidate poll workers and ballot counters and election officials who, it should be noted, are not some "coastal elites" or "commie liberal cucks" or  members of the "deep state," but their neighbors from both major parties in every election office.

In his first public appearance since attacking Lady Gaga on election night (as confident, self-respecting, powerful men do) the so-called *president took to the airwaves on Thursday night to read prepared remarks attacking democracy itself. Sounding worn and defeated but as mendacious as ever, he rambled through 15 minutes of outright lies, baseless accusations, and woe is me whining, displaying shocking ignorance about how voting and elections work. He did this electioneering and lying and denigrating of democracy from the White House (so not cool) in his official capacity of President of the United States (sooooo not cool), making absurd claims about voter fraud, and as usual providing no evidence to back up his claims. During his time on stage he did not mention the 220k new U.S. COVID-19 cases nor the 2746 U.S. COVID-19 deaths that were counted on his inept watch in the previous 48 hours, and he fled the stage without taking questions.

On the one hand I'm shocked that the networks still broadcast these lie-fests live, giving free airtime to propaganda that they know in advance is propaganda, but hey, with free market capitalism, ratings are king, right?

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480 Minutes / Year 16 - Episode 42/717

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