Friday, January 22, 2021

"480 Minutes" - Byedon

Big news! BAGeL Radio turns 18 in February! That means we can drink (in some places, anyway)! We'll eschew the adult beverages this year and instead we'll do some giveaways -- who wants a BAGeL Radio t-shirt? A BAGeL Radio mug? SomaFM will send out prizes to the lucky contest winners. Due to postage insanity prizes can only be sent to North American mailing addresses, apologies to our overseas pals.

There's more to's Friday! And we appear to once again have a government run by adults, not by Tweet! Heady times for sure.

Congressional Republicans are pretending that the new President is not actually calling for unity but for everyone to follow his rigid ideology. They portray him and anything to the left of Hitler "far left," so no one can take that silliness seriously. More than that, what he's really calling for is the renunciation of the white supremacist and authoritarian tendencies of his predecessor, and they can't do that because they fear their constituents, many of whom are all for keeping the balance of racial power just as it is, thank you very much, and if that means embracing a twice-impeached one-term loser autocrat who embraces and is embraced by other autocrats, then autocracy it is!

Those same Congressional Republicans are promising to block the new President's agenda while still supporting the buffoon who left office in disgrace with a 29% approval rating...we'll see how that works out for them.

Senator Ted Cruz, who went to Princeton University and Harvard Law, tweeted something so stupid about the decision to rejoin the Paris Climate Accord that he was slammed mercilessly online by thousands including a neophyte freshman member of Congress and an 18-year old who totally owned him. The junior Senator from Texas seems to be in need of an intervention -- his cognitive abilities are far from where they were when he called his orange daddy an "utterly amoral" "pathological liar" and a narcissist. Poor fella. I hope he finds his way back to the fact-based community, that way he won't be able to fall back in the insanity defense at his sedition trial.

Anyway, today's show will feature extremely not shitty new music by Alaska Reid (Park County, MT, @AlaskaReid), Chubby and the Gang (London, England, @chubby_gang), Eternal Drag (San Francisco, CA, @TheDodos), Goat Girl (London, England), Kiwi Jr. (Toronto, Canada, @KiwiJrGroup), Sleaford Mods (Nottingham, UK, @SleafordMods), and Viagra Boys (Stockholm, Sweden).

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480 Minutes / Year 17 - Episode 3/725

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