Friday, March 12, 2021

"480 Minutes" - Democrats Pass Relief Bill Despite Callous Minority Party

This week each and every Republican member of congress refused to vote for a bill designed to help struggling Americans and stimulate the economy despite the fact that most Americans, including Republican voters, were in favor of the bill. Their "leaders" excuse for ignoring their constituents needs & preferences? They were uninformed about the bill. How rich is that? The part of disinformation thinks its voters didn't get all the facts about the bill, otherwise they wouldn't support it. A slow and steady shake of the head is about all I can muster in response to that sad excuse for an excuse.

Another thing that happened this week is that the U.S. Chamber of Commerce reversed course on its decision to not support the 147 pro-coup members of congress announced after the insurrection. For every $1 the Chamber spent on supporting Democratic candidates in 2020, they spent $8 on Republican candidates, so it's not exactly surprising that they are back to supporting anti-democracy politicians, but it is impossible to reconcile the principled stance taken immediately after the insurrection with this reversal 8 weeks later.

In far more pleasant news, the New York Islanders have been in first place for, like, a whole week.

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480 Minutes / Year 17 - Episode 9/731

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