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Friday, April 09, 2021

"480 Minutes" - Vaccines : Good :: Mitch McConnell : Bad

This week former Senate Majority Leader and forever bad, bad man Mitch McConnell hysterically exclaimed that Corporate America should stay out of politics after major corporations and even Major League Baseball called out the continuing Republican attempt to undermine representative democracy by making it harder for Americans to vote. That's the same Republican leader whose party made those corporations people. By law. That same Republican leader who wants all that dark money that Corporate America funnels into campaign coffers and thereby have infinitely more political clout than any American. That guy.

Yo Mitch.  You help to overturn Citizens United and corporate personhood, then we'll talk. Until then, I will not be holding my breath. Or my tongue.

Today we will debut new music by Francis of Delirium (Luxembourg, @FrancisTownDeli), Gruff Rhys (Super Furry Animals, @gruffingtonpost), The Orielles (Halifax, West Yorkshire, England, @TheOrielles), Orion's Belte (Bergen, Norway, @belteorions), and Sorry (London, England, @sorrybanduk).

Oh, yeah, and an album of the year contender by Dry Cleaning (London, England, @4AD_Official).

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480 Minutes / Year 17 - Episode 13/735

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